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Samsung Launched Galaxy S8 Despite Design Flaw

Two Samsung galaxy S8 models

Those last few weeks marked some important events in the smartphone world. Mainly, the new releases were the ones which captivated everyone. From the new Huawei P10, to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Sony Xperia XZ Premium. However, from those, only one stood out: the highly-anticipated Galaxy S8, with its bezel-less design and curved display, a clear evolution from the S7 Edge.

A step in the right direction

Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 impressed almost everyone. It is elegant, works very well and brings something new: the huge curved screen which covers almost the entire face of the phone. And while it is a very big device, it is still comfortable to hold in your hand and easy to use. However, one of the only complaints many people have in regards with this smartphone is the placement of the fingerprint scanner.

Because of the huge screen, Samsung decided to change its position and moved it to the back of the device, right next to the camera lens. This was probably the worst move the company could have make. Its place is completely unnatural, weirdly placed and many people will probably drop the phone trying to reach it. Firstly, one cannot really touch it without holding the phone with both hands. It is so far up on an already huge device that you should have enormously long fingers to reach it with no problem. Secondly, the fingerprint sensor is too close to the camera lens. It becomes almost impossible to touch it without smudging the camera. Interestingly enough, Huawei moved the sensor from the back to the front of their phone, exactly because of the many complaints they got. It seems like Samsung did not get the memo.

Samsung is aware of the issue

Because of this, Samsung displays a warning message to its users which reminds them to frequently clean the camera lens. It is interesting that they were aware of the issue, but they still went ahead with the change. It would be a shame to have one of the best smartphone cameras on the market unable to deliver at its full capacity because of smudges on the lens. We will see if Samsung will do something about it or if they will base their camera performance on the users’ ability to clean the lens.

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