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Next Google Pixel Could Have Curved Screen

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With the follow-up of the very popular and praised Google Pixel smartphone from 2016, the company is reportedly planning to also introduce the curved screen display. According to a report, the company wants to invest at least $880 million in LG Display Co. The reason for this is the giant’s wish to have a solid supplier of flexible OLED screens for the next Pixel smartphone.

Preparing for the future

In a way, experts are not seeing this move by Google as being that surprising. The curved displays on powerful smartphones might prove to be the trend this year in terms of phone design. For example, the new Samsung Galaxy S8 device come with one. Moreover, rumor has it that Apple sealed a deal with Samsung’s display division to manufacture about 160 million such displays for the company’s next iPhone, which is, at the moment called simply, iPhone 8.

Nothing certain

However, at the moment, it seems like LG Displays is still thinking about the offer. If they refuse, Google may not have too many other alternatives in regards with its wish to have the next smartphone sport a curved screen. Samsung might be too busy manufacturing such screens, especially since they accepted the deal with Apple. Also, Japan Display Inc. said in a statement that it is not going to produce flexible OLED displays until 2018.

Apart from this, Google is also supposedly looking at better camera options for the upcoming Pixel smartphone. Also, the company is currently testing some more powerful chipsets from two manufacturers: Qualcomm and Intel. The first Pixel was not waterproof, but the upcoming model will reportedly be, pleasing many people who said that it was a missing piece in the smartphone.

The company also wants to release a budget model, aimed at emerging markets, with less powerful specifications. It will reportedly be much cheaper than the normal model. The latter will be at least $50 more expensive than the 2016 model. At the time it was released, many people complained about the price of the phone, saying that it was a little too expensive for a first model that people had no expectations from. It proved to be a good smartphone after all, and now, Google wants to make an even better one.

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