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Google Planning to Revolutionize Routers

Google wifi router

Everybody with internet access should by now have a wireless router in their home. There are one of the most important devices even if usually, they do not look like much. They are not something which attracts your attention immediately and are usually not very visible. Also, some routers do not always manage to offer the strong internet connection the owner would like too, especially in the furthest corners of the house. Well, Google might have an idea about how to re-invent this device which is both a blessing and a curse, with their Google Wifi.

Google Wifi

Google Wi-fi officially launched in the United States last year. On April 6th, it launched in the United Kingdom too. And according to Ben Brown, product lead for the project, the company is looking revolutionize this very needed device. Four years ago, when work began on the router, Brown was there, as one of the founders of this ambitious project. Their idea came by while working on some innovative and rather fancy home automation products. Even if they are so technologically advanced and are capable of lots of things, none of them would work without a proper internet signal.

So, when they began working on Google Wifi, the first thing they understood was that they were about to work on a crucial part of any internet-connected house. Much more important and most of all, indispensable, especially in comparison with the home automation products. One of the issues they wanted to fix with their router was the ability to set it up when you first buy it, and then leave it to do its job. Normal routers need constant attention because they usually block. The Google router is also very easy to install. You just plus it in and it should began working.

Making a better router

Google Wifi also makes it very easy for parents to control their kids’ internet use. Those controls are called the Family Wifi features. The router also has all the necessary technologically advanced features which it needs in order to function at the highest capacity. Apart from this, it design is sleek, elegant and makes you want to display it in your living room. Google Wifi currently sells for $129 on Amazon.

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