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New Twitter Mobile App to Use Less Data

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Twitter recently launched a new version of their mobile app. It is called Twitter Lite and will reportedly use less data and will move faster than the full website. Also, it will reportedly function well on more unstable networks. Everyone in the world will have access to Twitter Lite but it is reportedly designed especially for the developing markets. For example, India, Africa and Latin America, where people do not have access to high speed internet connections and still use some rather cheap and old Android smartphones.

Introducing Twitter Lite

The new Twitter Lite app will reportedly store tweets even when offline, so that users will be able to use it even without an internet connection. Also, if a device is running Google Chrome, that user will receive push notifications. The company promotes it as a faster, data friendly version of the full app, helping people to see what is going on in the world.

The company also has a new and interesting feature. Its name is Data Saver mode and thanks to it, users can now only preview certain posts and images. If they are really interested in something, they can then choose to load only that specific video or post. According to the company, this mode helps save about 70 per cent of data usage.

Helping developing markets

According to reports, the company has been working on this Lite version for six months. A team of engineers with their base in Twitter’s Bangalore office was working on it. However, the project would have been ready earlier had it not been for the company’s global restructuring project from last year.

It seems like many big tech companies have started thinking about helping the developing markets. So, they started working on lighter versions of their popular apps, in order to offer those people the possibility to keep the pace with the rest of the world. For example, Facebook also offers a Lite version of its main app and Facebook Messenger app. Just last month, Microsoft launched a lighter version of their Skype app, also called Skype Lite. That one is only available in India for the moment.

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