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“League of Legends” Has Two New Champions

League of Legends champions

It seems like the “League of Legends” public beta now has two new champions.  And interestingly enough, they are two lovers. Their names are Rakan and Xayah. Rakan the Charmer supports the couple with shields. Apart from that, he is a very mobile fighter which has some very interesting abilities. He can leap into the air or sprint into battle. He can also inflict some serious damage on his opponents. On the other hand, Xayah the rebel is the deadly part of the team. She is often using tactics and likes to attack multiple opponents from the side of the battlefield.

Specific attributes

Considering the fact that they are a couple in love, they obviously blend well together. However, they also have some special attributes when they player places them on the same team. For example, they gain shared speed and some damage buffs. This happens whenever they are one near the other and they activate their abilities. The official “League of Legends” Twitter account posted a video in which they are announcing those two new champions. The video also shows some of their abilities, so that players can understand them better.

Their abilities

In classical terms, Rakan is an assassin. He is not the soul of the battle, but instead waits just for the right moment to strike and make huge damages. However, he often likes to attract his enemies and trick them. After that, while they are busy with him, another champion can come in and finish them all. His attributes are varied. For example, he has Grand Entrance which makes his presence known, destroying lots of enemies around him. He then puts up a show using The Quickness, enchanting everyone and damaging enemies when he touches them. He also has Battle Dance, when he leaps at an ally’s side to protect them. It is interesting to note that if his partner Xayah happens to be the target, he will appear by her side immediately, even if he is at a considerable distance.

Xayah is a special champion which can set up traps and mesmerize her opponents. She can also escape in a glance and nobody will see her. This makes her almost impossible to target. Together, they make a great team. Players can now test both champions in the “League of Legends” public beta.

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