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Amazon Will Live Stream Thursday Night Football

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According to some recent reports, Amazon confirmed that it closed a deal with the NFL. From now on, and during the entire upcoming season, it is going to live stream 10 Thursday night football games. The deal is reportedly of $50 million and Amazon went ahead of other tech giants like Google, Twitter and Facebook.

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For the moment, there are not many details known about this deal. Only that the company will make the football games available to their Amazon Prime members. They are paying $99 per year to have access to this program. This deal with the NFL might be Amazon’s way to boost it Prime Video program. However, it is not like Amazon has exclusivity when it comes to the NFL. The Thursday night matches can also be watched on CBS and NBC, and also on cable, on NFL Network.

It is interesting to note that last year, Twitter acquired the rights to live stream the Thursday night matches, but it only paid $10 million. This is a much lower price than what Amazon paid for this season. Still, it seems like live streaming the matches last year helped Twitter a lot. According to a January interview with their global head of sports partnerships, a lot of people watched the matches each weeks and fans only had positive thoughts.

Amazon’s point of view

As for Amazon, this is its first such deal and it will be interesting to see how much it is going to help the company. Back in November, there were rumors about the company wanting to offer its Prime members an exclusive sports package. This could also help Amazon with its video content. Its original show “All or Nothing” is already very successful, and Amazon now has a second season. The show takes viewers behind the scenes of a NFL team and those things seem to entertain the viewers.

Moreover, the live sports idea might differentiate Amazon from other services like Netflix or Hulu, which do not offer this kind of entertainment. Also, the number of people on Prime might suddenly skyrocket, mainly because many would want to watch the Thursday night matches. We will see how Amazon will manage to integrate the live stream, which app will carry it and of viewers will be able to engage in conversations with other football fans.

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