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A Man almost Died After Charging iPhone While Asleep

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A man from Alabama almost lost his life because he charged his iPhone while he was sleeping. The charger of the smartphone reportedly electrocuted him. This is the latest case in which a phone exposed its owner to a huge risk. Experts are warning that people should stop taking their phones in bed with them, let alone charge them.

An almost fatal incident

The name of the man is Wiley Day, and he is a 32-year old from Alabama. On March 22, he reportedly went to bed while his iPhone was charging near his bed. When he tried to wake up in the morning, a chain which he was wearing around his neck got entangled around the charger’s connector prongs. Those reportedly had come out from the extension cord. The next thing was a normal reaction. The chain took all the electricity from the charger and redirected it towards the man’s body. The shock was so severe that it threw Day out of his bed.

He did not even realize that he had third-degree burns around his neck from the electric chain. The man remembered that his vision started narrowing and his heart started pounding in his chest. He could not do anything but scream as he was laying there. A relative reportedly heard his scream and came into his room, only to find him on the floor, struggling. Day managed to get the chain off his neck but this caused severe burns on his hands too. The extension cord from the iPhone was reportedly smoking.

Experts are warning

Recently, at a worship center, Wiley Day talked about the horrifying experience which almost got him killed. With his neck still covered by bandages, he explained that when you are electrocuted, you do not feel any heat or the way you would expect an electrocution to feel. Instead, you feel an enormous pressure, in his case, on your neck. He described it as being some kind of demonic feeling, like an unseen force is trying to strangle you with all its force. He said that praying has helped him a lot and that now, he is feeling much better.

Some of Day’s friends began posting their experience with charging their smartphones while sleeping, on their social media accounts. Wiley Day himself posted a message on Facebook in which he is advising everybody to stop charging their phones at their bedside, while they are sleeping. This is a very common practice which can easily kill you. He continued by saying that he will keep on telling his story to everybody, in the hope that people would stop doing this.

Experts are also strongly advising people to not charge their phones while asleep. Especially after many such incidents have been reported over the years. A woman died back in 2013, in China, after she answered her phone while it was still charging. At the time, Apple investigated that case. As recently as January, the landlord of a man in Indonesia found him dead with a smartphone in his hand. The cause of death was electrocution. So, people should stop doing this. It is extremely dangerous and it is a practice that can kill you in no time.

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