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More Destiny 2 Details and Info Leak

Official promo image from Destiny 2

Last week, Bungie officially announced the highly-anticipated sequel to the very popular videogame Destiny. The follow-up is going to bear the simple name Destiny 2. With the official announcement of the game, Bungie also revealed its release date as being on September 8, this year. The game will be reportedly available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, even if this was great news, some players began worrying that Bungie would no longer offer support for the original game, once the sequel is released. It seems like the company answered that question too. Moreover, a lot of more details regarding Destiny 2 have leaked, offering the fans an inside look at what they should expect.

Support for Destiny will continue

Deej, the Bungie Community Manager, said that players should stop worrying. The original videogame will still be available for them, even if the company will naturally focus on the sequel. He stated that, for now, Bungie has plans to continue the support for Destiny. However, he revealed that while the company has an ending in sight, especially with this recent update called “Age of Triumph”, for now, players should not worry. The original game will continue to be available for them all.

So, according to what Deej said, players can now keep on playing the original game, even if the sequel comes out. Maybe they will prefer the first one more. Maybe not. For the moment, nobody knows how fans will receive Destiny 2. Deej also mentioned that, while the second game will be available for everyone, new player should not begin with the sequel. If they want to know more, they should get the first one and complete it first. This way, the entire world and story of this universe will make more sense. Only after they have completed the first one, they should focus on its sequel. Fans of the game agreed that the fact that Bungie will not simply give up on Destiny is a very good thing. This way, they will keep their player base intact while maybe adding even more people once Destiny 2 comes out.

More details on Destiny 2

Recently, images of some documents which GameStop received in regards with Destiny 2, have leaked online. Those are revealing lots of answers which the players had about the sequel. One of the answers concerns what players will be able to take with them from the first game, and bring to the sequel. Well, the answer might disappoint some players. According to the official documents, only the character’s gender, appearance or race will be transferrable. As for the level, weapons or gear, players will need to fight to gain them, in Destiny 2.

Those documents also mention that those players who will preorder the sequel from GameStop, will receive, apart from early access to the beta version of the game, limited edition figurines. Those will represent Cayde-6, the amusing character that appeared in the trailer for Destiny 2. All in all, players now have something to be excited for, as Destiny 2 seems a game worth waiting for.

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