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Trump Now Uses an iPhone. Gives Up on Unsecured Android Phone

Donald Trump talking on the phone

According to recent reports, United States president Donald Trump has finally given up on his normal, unsecured Android smartphone. In the place of that device, he is now reportedly using a secured iPhone. This move comes after the president received a very high level of criticism because of the fact that he was still using his phone which did not have any protection. Even as president of the United States and one of the most powerful people in the world.

The president now has an iPhone

Everyone initially believed that Donald Trump handed over his old and unsecured Android phone immediately after his inauguration event. However, a later discovery revealed the fact that the president was posting his now famous tweets from his old phone. The director of White House’s social media platforms, Dan Scavino Jr., recently tweeted that the president has been using an iPhone for the last two weeks. This erased any doubts that he was still using his Android device. Apart from this, Scavino also reassured everyone that the president writes and posts himself those tweets that we all see. So, if anybody had any doubts, they should not exist anymore.

Still, it seems like there are still some issues. As a recent report pointed out, Tweetdeck, a program which shows where a certain tweet came from, revealed that recent tweets from Donald Trump were still coming from an Android device. Those messages are as recent a March 25. So, was Scavino just lying to protect the president or is Donald Trump still preferring that device for his Twitter business?

Not allowed to use an unsecured device

The president of the United States cannot use a smartphone that is not safe. This is the protocol and a matter of national security. The main problem, as many people probably know, is that hackers can easily access such a device. And to have hackers attack the president’s phone would mean having classified information revealed to the public and subsequently, to potentially dangerous people. It also puts his own life in danger. People became so worried that Trump was using his old Android phone that some officials even went to Jim Mattis, his Secretary of Defense, to let him know about this issue. On another note, the fact that Donald Trump chose to use an iPhone that is secure might be the proof we needed that their relationship has gotten better.

The president had some clashes with Apple in the past. During the presidential campaign, he even encouraged people to stop buying their products because the company refused to unlock an iPhone. That device supposedly belonged to the gunman who was responsible for the San Bernardino shooting. Now, it seems like the president decided that it was time to end this quarrel. Nobody knows if he chose to use an iPhone, or if he was forced to use it, for security reasons. Also, the model of iPhone which Trump now has is also a mystery. However, this detail should come out soon, as somebody will surely see him use it in public.

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