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Tinder Now Has a Web Version Too

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Yesterday, the hugely popular dating app Tinder introduced their web version. It is called Tinder Online and it provides a new way for users to interact with each other. This time, while sitting in front of a computer. It basically works the same. You still need to log in with your Facebook account. However, there are some minor changes. For example, Tinder Online does not include the Tinder Boost or the Super Like options, for now at least. Brian Norgard, the head of product at Tinder, is saying that Tinder Online is mainly aimed at those users who do not have enough space on their smartphone for the app. More precisely, the people from the developing markets. Power users will also be able to do their swiping more easily now, that there is a version which is optimized for the web.

Tinder for desktop

According to a post on the app’s official blog, Tinder Online will help those users who are sitting each day in front of a computer, and who do not have too much access to their phones. No matter if you are at work or in class, you are not able to navigate on Tinder while there is nothing else better to do. This is effective especially if you are not allowed to carry a phone with you in class or at the office. However, some people criticized the way Tinder is promoting not paying attention in class or being less productive at work. Still, one cannot disagree that what they did is very convenient and an interesting idea.

Some have argued about the lack of privacy which Tinder Online might have. The company is saying that their web version of the app does not use anything else apart from your location, which it tracks from your browser. However, users should know that once they log in with their Facebook account, they cannot ask for their information to not be public. Still, Norgard said that people might have different perspectives on the two version of the app. Some might like the web version and find it useful. Some might feel like the company is going backwards. There will always be features on the mobile version which will be better than on the desktop version. Also, the other way around.

A way to pass time

Interestingly enough, the desktop version of the Tinder app might make some users feel like they are playing a game. Not like they are scrolling through a dating app, looking for their soulmate. And this might be the key to raise the web version’s popularity. Apart from this, people often use the app to pass time, not necessarily to find their significant other. And while the promotion of less productivity at work or in class is not the most suited one, people will indeed begin using the web version to make hours fly by easier.

This announcement comes after the reveal that Tinder also has a secret, VIP version, called Select. This works only by invitation and it is reportedly for celebrities, influential people, models and the rich population of the planet. It is basically the exclusive version of the popular dating app. Tinder is now testing the web version in about eight countries, but it will launch internationally soon.

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