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Samsung to Sell Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 Devices

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on its box

On Monday, Samsung Electronics announced that it is planning to sell refurbished versions of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. Yes, this is the same phone which they issued a very costly recall for last year, due to it exploding or catching fire and hurting numerous people. After a while, the company revealed that the phone’s batteries were at fault for the issue and promised that something like this would never happen again. That huge recall happened back in October, two months after the devices were released. However, the fact that no other component of the phone had any issues, apart from the batteries, made some people believe that Samsung might even begin selling refurbished phones or use its parts. It seems like their suspicions were right.

Refurbished Galaxy Note 7

So, for the people listening to speculations, Samsung’s announcement that it would indeed begin selling refurbished Note 7 devices did not come as a surprise. Still, one cannot help but wonder why now? Samsung is just a few days away from the release of their new flagship handset, the much anticipated Galaxy S8. On Wednesday, the new device goes on sale in the United States. It actually marks the first device which the company will release since the burning Note 7 scandal.

Samsung is currently making huge efforts to regain the trust of their customers. So, there is a lot of pressure on them to get the new Galaxy S8 right. This also makes this announcement feel bizarre and weirdly timed. Why draw attention on the refurbished versions of the defunct Note 7, instead of focusing all the hype on your new premium device?

Not in the United States

According to South Korea’s Electronic Times newspaper, Samsung is only going to sell refurbished versions of the Note 7 in the company’s home country in the months of July and August. Their aim is reportedly to sell between 400,000 and 500,000 such devices. They will reportedly come with completely safe batteries and the previous problem will not happen again. The report apparently specified that Samsung is not going to sell the devices in the United States and in India, as previous rumors had indicated. However, they have not offered any more details. So, for the moment, nobody knows when the phones will go on sale and on what specific markets.

According to the company, the loss it suffered from the Note 7 mess was of about $5,5 billion, over three quarters. Before issuing that huge recall, Samsung had sold over 3 million Galaxy Note 7 devices, in the entire world. Samsung also has another plan to try and sweeten the huge loss which the burning devices caused. It would reportedly try to extract rare metals from the phones, as well as using and reselling the components which are in perfect condition. All in all, people cannot help but agree that what Samsung is doing here poses a very high risk. Things could go well, and the company could profit from the refurbished phones. Still, things can also go bad, in the sense that those devices could still begin catching fire. And that would be a huge problem.

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