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Twitter Remembers Tweetdeck, Plans to Update It

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Twitter acquired Tweetdeck six years ago. And that was it. They pretty much left it as it was. However, now it seems like the company is planning to bring some new updates to the app. Today, some power Twitter users received a survey from the company. That survey asked them what new features they would love Twitter to add to a new and updated version of Tweetdeck. The next question was that if they would want to pay for such a service. This means that Twitter might finally bring some updates to Tweetdeck after all these years, but they will require users to pay for them.

What is Tweetdeck

Back in 2011, Twitter bought Tweetdeck for $40 million. This came two months after a warning from then-head of platform Ryan Sarver. He told developers to stop creating twitter clients and instead focus on developing some complementary apps. However, Tweetdeck never became the revelation the company had hoped for. It did not provide the basis for a stronger Twitter client, especially for power users. Naturally, those ended up being extremely disappointed and many said that Twitter had spent $40 million in vain.

So, over the last six years, Tweetdeck was kept on hold. Twitter never gave up on it, but they just stopped updating it. Twitter’s official clients were beginning to raise the bar high and Tweetdeck, even with its small 2012 update, failed to keep up. The first to disappear were the mobile Tweetdeck clients, followed by the Windows version of it. However, Tweetdeck is still being used on Web and on its Mac version. And here we are, in the present, when Twitter is sending signals that they might want to bring it back and make users pay for it.

Testing the waters

Twitter is currently testing the waters with this survey. The participants needed to answer some questions which will probably offer the team a base. From that, they will start rebuilding the long forgotten Tweetdeck. Among the features which Twitter asked participants about were more advanced charts, follower analytics, alerts for breaking news, a changing color scheme and the ability to switch between multiple accounts. The participants also needed to say how much they would be willing to pay for a fully updated Tweetdeck. For example, Twitter asked someone if they would pay about $19,99 per month. Another person was asked if they would pay $4.99 for its premium version.

So, it seems like Twitter is trying different strategies in order to determine what users like best. Only after they are sure, they will probably start rebuilding Tweetdeck and implement everything the users wanted. The company also released an official statement after the news regarding the survey broke. They admitted to conducting it in order to find out the users’ opinion in what concerns a new and updated version of Tweetdeck. The team reportedly wants to make it better for power users and it is the best to ask them what they like and what they dislike.

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