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Instagram Now Has Two-Factor Authentication

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Recently, Instagram added a second security layer in the form of a two-factor authentication. This feature is now available for all Instagram users. The social media platform is the latest to add this feature which is meant to protect users’ accounts from being compromised. The main reasons because of which an account becomes unusable are phishing and password reuse. So, users can now (and they should indeed do it) enable the two-factor authentication by tapping on the settings icon, in the top right of their screen. Then they shout hit the two-factor authentication option and enable the “require security code” option.

Simple but useful

After the user enables the two-factor authentication, Instagram will immediately text them a six-digit code. And this is going to happen each time they want to log in into their account. It might seem very simple, but is highly efficient. This is especially helpful against hackers who may want to steal accounts or who already managed to steal credentials.

With this move, Instagram adds itself to the list of other social media platforms who have already introduced some kind of two-factor authentication. Among those are Facebook, Twitter and Google. However, even if the basis of the system is the same, each platform required users to do different things. For example, you need to open the Twitter app on a trusted device in order for it to allow your authentication. Google sends you directly to its authentication app.

Instagram wants users to be safe

According to Kevin Systrom, co-founder and CEO of Instagram, the entire team promised users back in September that they would try and keep the platform as secure as possible. Now, this year, they are keeping that promise and are introducing this two-factor authentication system. Apart from this feature, Instagram also introduced a series of new updates. Soon, the platform is going to hide certain photos or videos behind a virtual screen, if it deems them as being sensitive. This would also happen on the feed or when you visit someone else’s profile. However, this screen will only bloc content which users previously reported and which Instagram’s review team confirmed. If the user still wants to see that photo or video, they can simply tap on the screen and it will be uncovered.

Apart from this, Instagram also launched a specialized website which users can access in order to learn about how to keep their account safe. It reportedly has many tools, like account blocking, comment control and even photo tagging. So, users will have access to all those tools in order to have a safe Instagram account. They will also be able to contact the support services in their respective countries in order to receive additional help.

Internet experts are encouraging everyone who has a social media account to enable this two-factor authentication system. Not only on Instagram, but on all the other social media platforms. It is extremely helpful in reducing the risk of being attacked by hackers. WhatsApp is another popular app which uses a similar authentication system.

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