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Apple Buys Workflow, makes it Free to Download

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Yesterday, Apple sealed the deal to acquire Workflow. This is an app for the iOS power users which lets you unite some actions that are repeating in order to make them easier and quicker to accomplish. It is an automation app. On Wednesday, a spokesperson confirmed the acquisition of the app and of its developer, DeskConnect. However, the spokesperson did not offer any other details in this regard. This new action might prove that Apple wants to go deeper into the automation area and they might start with Workflow.

What is Workflow?

The Workflow automation app is available for iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches. It can trigger a sequence of tasks in order to create workflows. These workflows will then interact with the apps and everything else that is on your specific device. In 2015, Workflow actually won an Apple design award at the Worldwide Developers Conference. For example, you can use Workflow to create GIFs, to add a personalized home screen icon to call someone easier and quicker or you can even publish on Twitter a song that you have been listening to. Long story short, it makes you technological life a lot easier.

According to reports, the Workflow app can be now found in the Apple store and the company put it up for download, for free. It previously cost $2,99. The developers of the app are all hired by Apple and they will continue their developing work on Workflow. As for the amount of money Apple maid for the app, nobody knows it for the moment. However, reports are saying that it was a lot.

What Apple is saying

Usually, when Apple acquires something, they come out with a standard commentary. That they are always buying smaller companies in order to extend, but they are not commenting on their future plans. However, things are different with Workflow. The company went on and discussed the advantages of their new acquisition.

They said that the app won the Apple design award for its amazing use of the iOS features. One very important part was the use of the VoiceOver for items with a label on them, for hints and for the drag/drop announcements. This has been extremely helpful especially for the people who have a low-vision or even for those who are blind.

It remains to be seen how will the app change and integrate into Apple’s projects now, that it is owned by the company. The app will most likely continue to operate by itself, as a standalone app. However, Apple might want to integrate it into iOS, using Siri as the main player. They talked about disabled people and how the app helps them a lot. So, the company might look to further that feature and help those people even more. Apple also released the Workflow 1.7.3 update to go live with the official announcement. It now supports some more third-party app workflows and switched to service created by Apple, like the Apple Maps. So, if anyone is interested to test Workflow, it is available to download for free from the Apple store.

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