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Apple Launched a New Red iPhone 7

Apple red iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Yesterday, Apple announced that they are introducing a new color of iPhone 7. That is red. It is true that Apple made available phone cases in red for their iPhones, but this is the very first device which actually has this color. The phone bears the name Product (RED) and it is made of aluminum. It also marks the partnership between Apple and RED. Apple CEO Tim Cook talked about the new device and stated that he hopes the gorgeous new color will please their customers. The red color is available for both the classic iPhone 7 and for the iPhone 7 Plus. The device will officially launch on Friday. However, according to reports, it seems like it will not be available for everyone, especially in China.  

Fighting against AIDS

This new partnership between Apple and (RED) is meant as a signal for customers to start supporting HIV/AIDS charity (RED). Because of this, Apple wants to highlight the importance of the AIDS fundraising campaign. So, they decided to mark this moment with red designs for all their products and apps. The Apple Store recently suffered some modifications for the world AIDS day. It became red, along with its top apps.

As for the problems which Apple had with this red iPhone in China, it is somewhat normal considering the fact that it is a very traditional country. Over there, sex is still considered a taboo subject. The Chinese people have other values which sometimes might seem in contradiction with what the West is promoting. Taking into account the fact that China is slowly becoming the world’s greatest power and its economy is booming, the Western influence also becomes more and more present. The Chinese actually accused the West in the past of introducing HIV and AIDS into their country.

So, because of this controversial situation, Apple has decided to give up on the (RED) association. They are now promoting the red colored iPhone 7 as a new addition, not something which has a backstory. Apple reportedly also decided to do this in order to avoid any possible conflict with the Chinese government. After all, China is one of the biggest technological markets in the entire world. The company would not want to ruin their relationship.

Not everybody likes it

However, you cannot please everyone. Some people have already said that the new color is not for their taste. Some experts who have studied the red iPhone very carefully are saying that, if you see it up close, the phone is not that amazing. Firstly, its back is reportedly not red, but has more of a crimson color. However, the biggest problem they have is that the phone is only “red” on the back. The front of the iPhone 7 is actually completely white. The two colors do not fit and the phone suddenly seems made out of two completely separate pieces. People were so disappointed that they created a virtual version of the iPhone, with a black front.

The new (RED) iPhones will go on sale on Friday, with the price starting at $749. The 128GB and 256GB models will also be available for everyone.

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