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Everything We Know About Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung galaxy S8 smartphones

Samsung is going to hold a special event on March 29th in New York, where they will announce their new Galaxy S8 smartphone. The device is reportedly going to mark a new direction in what concerns the design of the smartphone for Samsung. The Galaxy S6 was the last time when the devices had a complete makeover. It seems like Samsung is slowly getting back on track, especially after the huge scandal with the Note 7 smartphone and the exploding batteries. The Galaxy S8 will also be the first smartphone released by the company since that huge problem and the big and costly recall. They now have a very difficult mission in convincing their customers that they have learned from their mistakes and are now releasing a very good and competitive device.

The facts

There have been many leaks in the last few weeks regarding details about the Galaxy S8 device. From its design to tis capacities, many reports appeared and not all of them seemed legit. Still, there is some official info about the new flagship phone. Firstly, the Galaxy S8 will come in two sizes. One with a with 5.7-inch display, and the S8+, which will supposedly have a 6.2-inch screen. Both of those versions will reportedly come with edge-to-edge curved displays. Talking about design, the S8 will have a completely different design and a bezel-less face. The screen will also reportedly have round corners, in order to offer more space for the screen.

The front of the phone will also no longer have any button on it. Samsung will be removing them, in order to make room for the huge screen. Expert are predicting that the S8 will also no longer have the fingerprint scanner on the front, but somewhere on the back.

Introducing Bixby

Samsung is planning the biggest change with the introduction of their new virtual assistant called Bixby. Until now, the company was one of the few who did not possess a virtual friend like Siri or Cortana. Samsung offered a preview for Bixby just last week, but they did not offer too many details. However, from what they said, Bixby will be better and different from all the other assistants on the market. They did not plan it as a database which the user can access. Instead, they want Bixby to help you when you are stuck and you do not know what to do. Rumor has it that it will be able to see what you have on your screen at all times and intervene if you seem stuck.

The hardware details have not been released, and nobody knows if the leaked information is accurate. Still, if we are to believe it, the S8 will have a 12-megapixel camera and an 8-megapixel front one. Apart from that, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of memory. Rumor has it that those will be the first phones which will use the Snapdragon 835 processor. It will come in three colors: black, grey and silver. As for the price, it will probably be of $799 for the S8, and $899 for the S8+, but nothing is certain at the moment.

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