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Google Maps Now Helps You with Your Parking Location

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Google Maps recently added a very useful new feature which will help drivers a lot, especially in crowded cities. This new option will remind people the spot where they parked their car. From now on, you will see a new menu option when you will touch the blue dot. Maps will then put a “P” on the spot where you left your car, so that you can find it more easily. While it is indeed true that Apple Maps had this option for quite some time, Google Maps takes a more complex approach.

Extremely useful

Apple Maps also marks the location of your car with a pin on the map. This happens after you disconnect your iPhone from Bluetooth or CarPlay. Apple Maps also allows you to edit the location of your car and even add some notes to help you remember the exact spot. On the other hand, Google already had something very similar. However, the parking saving feature from Google Now was not always the most precise. It accesses the sensors of your phone and makes an assumption that you will park your car on a supposedly empty space. There are also some issues with it, like the situation when it would show that you parked your car, but you actually just got off from a taxi.

Now with the new Google Maps feature, this is done manually, so there can be no mistakes. You can write yourself notes or any other things to help you remember the spot where you parked your car. For example, you can write the floor number where you parked your car or a certain street name. Another interesting feature is that you can add photos of your parking spot.

It has a timer too

Apart from this parking feature, Google Maps also keeps track of the time passed since you parked your car. It also calculated how much time you have left. This is very useful when you need to leave your car in a temporary parking space. When the time is almost gone, the app will send you a notification so you will know you need to hurry up.

However, according to a report from Android Police, the app only works for one car at the time. This should not be a problem for the casual user, because most of the people only use one car. Had it been implemented, this feature would have allowed you to keep an eye on your personal car at home, while on vacation. Moreover, if you rent car in a foreign city and you also have your car at home, you cannot keep track of both. Still, this is not a huge problem.

All in all, this new feature of Google Maps is especially helpful around the very crowded urban areas. Everybody knows the struggle of finding a parking spot in a big city. Also, the feature could also come in handy at places like airports or hypermarkets. You can now find your car more easily thanks to Google Maps.

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