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Mass Effect: Andromeda Has Its Issues, but it is a Good Game

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The first few hours of Mass Effect: Andromeda did not impress critics at all. They were full of bugs, technical issues, repetitive quests and land characters and dialogue. Those were all problems which a respected and very long RPG like the ones from the Mass Effect series should not have. However, those who said to wait for the full game were absolutely right. Mass Effect: Andromeda gets better if you get over the first few hours. There are interesting characters, the player gets used to the interface and it all seems to blend well together. Of course, there are still bugs and technical issues within the game, but at last the overall feeling and story motivate you to go further.

A completely different story

Commander Shepard is no longer part of the Mass Effect games. So, players who were waiting to meet his (or her) familiar face again, will be disappointed. However, in his place we have Ryder, the son (or daughter) of the leader of an ark which leads a team of explorers towards finding new colonies. Something happens and Ryder becomes the leader of the ark. The player will realize a little bit later how important his new mission is and how high are the stakes. The Citadel no longer exists. In its place, there is something called Nexus. Suddenly, a shocking discovery puts Ryder in the position to begin taking important decisions.

As for the villain of the game, there is one who seems rather dull in the beginning. However, as the game progresses, the player begins to understand his motivation and the reasoning behind the actions of the alien race he is leading. Well, those two stories meet at one point and interestingly enough, it all makes sense in the end. This does not mean that the story is excellent. Not at all. It has flaws, especially encompassed in the dialogue which does not feel natural at all. Still, the overall feeling is indeed better than the first few hours of the game.

It looks amazing

As for the way all the worlds in the game look, there is nothing left to say. The creators have done an amazing job at creating such vast and different worlds. There are four mini-open such areas which the player can explore. The maps are different in what concerns the environment and all of them feel natural. Also, all the missions are different and make you work for what you need to obtain. Their purpose can vary from solving murder cases to fighting in a pit.

The game’s combat is also very well executed. It is fluid and easy to handle. The tech, the biotics and all the other features are very useful and maybe the best executed from all the previous Mass Effect games. Even if the enemies are not the smartest and at one point they become predictable, the fighting is still fun. The player will not get bored of shooting the same way over and over again. All in all, Mass Effect: Andromeda is not a perfect game. It has many flaws which could have been avoided. Still, it is a good game, especially for the fans of the franchise. If you are not a fan and you are looking for a shooter RPG to play, you might want to find other options too.

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