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Jeff Jones, Uber President, Quits

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According to a new report, Uber president Jeff Jones stepped down from his post. This is the latest blow to the ride hailing company, which has been facing numerous problems recently. Jones is a marketing expert who was hired to work on the company’s image. Interestingly enough, he joined Uber just seven months ago. He released an official statement in which he is saying that he cannot work inside a company which is incompatible with his views. He added that he was hired for a purpose, to help the company mature and adapt to the market. However, what he found at Uber was reportedly not in line with what he imagined. This is the reason why he decided to quit.

Uber’s dark times

However, it seems like Jones’ departure was not a secret inside the company. Earlier this month, Uber announced that they were looking for a chief operating officer who was supposed to work alongside CEO Travis Kalanick. Considering that Jones had also been doing some of the responsibilities of a COO, the move became predictable. Still, it seems like the exodus might not stop here. Brian McClendon, the company’s vice president of maps and business, also announced that he will be leaving Uber at the end of the month. His reason for doing this is the wish to pursue a career in politics. They are just the last two important people to be leaving the ride hailing company. And not all the departures have been peaceful.

Just last month, engineering executive Amit Singhal stepped down from his post following a sexual harassment scandal. Supposedly, when he was working for Alphabet Inc’s Google, a female co-worker accused him of sexual harassment. He reportedly hid those allegations from Uber when he became an employee. Apart from him, Uber’s vice president of product and growth Ed Baker, and its security researcher Charlie Miller, also left the company.

Problems keep on coming

Jeff Jones’ departure also comes amid numerous internal issues for Uber. Recently, Waymo, Alphabet’s self-driving car unit, filed a lawsuit claiming that Uber stole their technology regarding autonomous driving. Some are saying that Jones actually left because of the issues at company. He decided that he did not want to be a part of it anymore. Uber also had problems with its clients. My people accused the ride hailing company at the beginning of the year of taking advantage of an anti-Trump protest regarding the immigration ban. This prompted people to launch a “#DeleteUber” campaign on the internet. At the time, many people deleted the app from their smartphones and Uber lost a lot of clients.

CEO Travis Kalanick was also subject of controversy. Last month, Bloomberg made public a video footage which showed Kalanick in a heated argument with a driver. The man complained to Kalanick about some cuts. Immediately after, he released a public apology letter and vowed to seek help for his anger outbursts. Their secret technology program “Greyball” also sparked controversy. This reportedly made changes to the app in order to view some specific users. Uber reportedly invented this to get away from authorities.

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