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Nintendo Switch Production to Double

Nintendo Switch console

One of the hot topics of the beginning of the year is without a doubts the Nintendo Switch console. It was one of the gaming devices which gained huge amounts of popularity among buyers. It may all be a result of the fact that the Switch is a very adaptable console. You can use at home, as a normal gaming console and on the go, as a portable one. It sold so well that right now, there are few Nintendo Switch devices on the shelves of the stores. This is the main reason why Nintendo has recently decided to double the production for their much appreciated console. Despite the fact that the sales are starting to slow down in Japan, Nintendo’s main market, it seems like the company is positive and expects some huge numbers in the future.

Doubling the production

According to a recent report, Nintendo has plans to double the initial production for their Nintendo Switch consoles, starting from April, 2017. They actually want to make 16 million consoles. This is double than what the company planned. It seems like the growing amount of popularity took them by surprise. The same report is saying that with this move, Nintendo expects to sell over 10 million units over the next 12 months. This would be amazing for the company and it would even beat the expectations of the analysts. Moreover, the huge numbers might push some game makers to start creating much more content for the Switch. This is a circle because gamers usually buy consoles for which they have games to play. A small number of games means a high probability for the players to get bored and stop buying the console.

As for comparisons with other consoles, if things go well, the Nintendo Switch might have a user base of 18 million by March 2018. This is amazing, especially when compared to the Wii U which, for example, had 13.5 million sales during its entire lifespan which was about 4 years. The PlayStation 4 is another good example. It sold 19.9 million consoles in its first year after the release. It is more than the Switch, but take into account that the Xbox One only sold 10 million in its first year. So, if thing go well, the Nintendo Switch might become the second best-selling video game console ever.

Games will help Nintendo Switch a lot

There is one very important factor which is going to help the Nintendo Switch greatly. And that is games. The console is not perfect by any means. Even Nintendo acknowledged some hardware issues and other small problems, but they are reportedly isolated cases and the team is taking into account the user’s complaints. The software is not the main focus. “Zelda: Breath of the Wild” already helps the console a great deal. It got good reviews and it is part of a legendary legacy which players all over the world love. Another game that might help the console is “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe”. People will buy the console in order to play those games. This is exactly why game makers need to begin working on new titles as soon as possible. Now, while the Nintendo Switch is still a hot topic.

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