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Critics Not Loving the First Hours of “Mass Effect: Andromeda”

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Every RPG fan on the planet has been waiting for the new “Mass Effect: Andromeda”. However, many critics became a little worried when the previews for the game arrived. And many opinions shared the same problematic aspects of the game. It wants to do too much, so it takes a lot of aspects from the previous games (not many of them good), and mixes them in not the most admirable manner. Now, a week before the game officially launches, some people had the chance to play the first few hours of “Mass Effect: Andromeda”. What they are saying does not sound too good for the game’s future.

A bit of a disappointment

Most critics had the biggest issues with the game’s dialogue and the side-quests which are too many. According to them, the game does not let you think at all. It only provides quest after quest, many of which are completely meaningless. You must do the same thing over and over again, reach a certain place, scan a certain object, do specifically what you are told to and come back only to start doing it again. The menus for the quests are reportedly very badly done. They are too complex and extremely poorly designed. You reportedly cannot even look at what quests you have active because you are forced to go through a myriad of other options and little menus.

Apart from those rather common complaints, other critics are saying that the game is full of bugs and performance issues. It reportedly crashed multiple times only in the first few hours. There are also other problems which can suddenly interrupt your gaming experience and get you out of the story. Moreover, the models in “Mass Effect: Andromeda” look very bad. Many critics even compared them to those creepy dolls from horror movies.

It has its good parts too

However, the game also has some well executed parts too, not being a complete and utter disappointment. The combat in the game is one of the aspects which have been improved the most from the previous titles of the series. Story-wise, there is not much to be said for the moment. The first few hours of the game do not present much of it. Everybody agrees that players will discover the overall feeling and narrative of the game when the full game will be released.

Apart from this, there are not many other good parts which the critics talked about. However, they agree on something: “Mass Effect: Andromeda” is not about “inventing the wheel”, but about creating more and more story for this universe to expand. And maybe this is a good thing. Even if some of the critics said that they prefer quality over quantity, it is possible to blend them both. All in all, critics are not very happy with this early preview. However, the game promises to be very long and many things can improve as it goes deeper into the story. The technical problems will still be there, but maybe they will not bother players so much.

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