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“Ghost Recon: Wildlands” Looks Amazing, Feels Superficial

Ghost Recon: Wildlands cover

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands is a game that is nor very far away from the Rainbow Six series. It basically plays by the same rules. Stealth and infiltration are two very big parts of the action. However, the story of the game, according to many critics, is its weak point. The environment in which it takes place is massive and it looks amazing. And maybe this is the problem. The game’s narrative somehow gets lost in this vast and beautiful country, which is Bolivia.

This version of the country is presented as a narco-state which a drug cartel rules. This is actually why the government of Bolivia filed a formal complaint to France because of the way its country is depicted in Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Ubisoft responded that this version of the country has nothing to do with reality and that they too wish that something like this will never happen. Ubisoft stated that the only reason for which they choose Bolivia was the country’s amazing landscapes.

The story

The leader of the Santa Blanca drug cartel which is running Bolivia is the first to introduce his side of the story when the game starts. El Sueno (because this is his nickname) is your usual drug lord. He has a dubious sense of morality and his own perception of life. However, even if the game does not wish to, you can feel that your contact with the CIA, Karen Bowman, has a more personal side of the story in what concerns this drug cartel.

The game works like this. Karen gives you a lead, you go that way. However, there are other million clues which point towards different directions and you end up having to solve multiple missions. All those missions will put you face to face with various bosses or El Sueno’s lieutenants. Still, the player can choose (or be lucky enough) to gather information on various such characters without having to face them. Or, the info can help the player terminate the target well ahead of schedule. The intel will also help you find numerous places full of weapons. However, lots of weapons will not change the way your game progresses because stealth is key here. And the game is kind enough to give you the stealth rifle very early on.

Looks amazing, it is not deep enough

Some players, used to the previous Ghost Recon games, will not be happy about the lack of gadgets in Wildlands. Apart from a drone, which helps you a great deal but it is nothing revolutionary, the game keeps things pretty basic. There is also a sense on uncertainty with this game, when your plans can immediately go wrong and you find yourself wondering what to do next. The game also provides very diverse missions. So, you will not spend your time doing the same thing over and over again.

However, the characters in this game are not the best written ones in existence. Your squad sometimes has some rather dumb responses which you are doomed to hear lots of times. Apart from that, the vast Bolivia is amazingly well done and provides a blend of mountains and vegetation which you cannot help but admire. It is vast, but you will not need to visit it all to take down the Santa Blanca drug cartel. And this is a relief. All in all, Ghost Recon: Wildlands is a good game for the fans of the series, but it has its weak spots. Not many, but enough to make some players doubt their wish to play it.

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