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Facebook is Launching a Snapchat Alternative: Messenger Day

Messenger Day on smartphone

Facebook has officially launched their new Messenger Day. This is actually an alternative for the Snapchat stories which are presenting what the user has done and what he has seen. Messenger Day is more of a planning app, full of Active Now indicators and filters which can help you find friends who are willing to go out and have fun. Facebook first tested the Messenger Day in lots of countries like Australia and Poland. After the tests were successful, the company decided that it was time to make it available for everyone who has either the iOS or the Android system on their smartphone. The photos or videos you share publicly or with your friends disappear after 24 hours, exactly like they do on Snapchat.

Messenger Day

According to Facebook’s VP of messaging David Marcus, there will probably be advertisements between posts in order for the app to gain profit. Messenger day is the latest such feature after Instagram Stories, Facebook stories and WhatsApp Status, to encourage visual communication between people. Also, it may help enormously with the app’s user growth. This has become a pressing issue for Snapchat, mainly because so many companies copied its main function. A strong example of this is the fact that Snap’s share price dropped a lot the same day Messenger Day was announced. And considering the fact that so many people (almost one billion) already use Facebook Messenger on a day to day basis, things are not looking great for Snapchat.

How it works

David Marcus says that people should know two things before starting to use Messenger Day. Firstly, that they need a context in order to spark more interesting conversations with friends or random people. This is why you need to share the place you are at and what you are currently doing. Secondly, that the user should make it very clear what they are up to. Also, if they do not have plans, to signal this. People will see it and react.

Users will see Messenger Day appear at the top of the Messenger’s home screen. It consists of big thumbnails presenting what you friends have posted during that day. They are chronologically reversed, so you will first see people who are sharing things now. There are also reactions which you can send to a friend like “wow”, “love”, “haha” and so on and so forth. Another interesting feature Messenger Day has is the “Active Now” sign. On a friend’s thumbnail, the user will see a green dot which signals that the person is now online.

All in all, Messenger Day is a nice addition that works swiftly and does its job. However, there are some minuses like the inability to choose how long your photo will stay on. Also, the swipeable colors and filters. Still, Messenger Day is a feature which can easily be ignored if you are not interested in such a thing. Also, you can use it without affecting Facebook‘s basic Messaging functions. It will surely draw lots of users. Let’s see if it will be capable of keeping them interested.

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