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More Details Emerge on “Middle-Earth: Shadow of War”

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Every gamer on planet Earth is eagerly expecting the release of “Middle-Earth: Shadow of War” videogame. This is the sequel to the critically acclaimed 2014 title, “Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor”. So, in order to make the waiting even harder, the developers, Monolith Productions, have made public a gameplay walkthrough which offers an inside view and reveals what the fans should expect from the new title. Warner Bros Games posted the 16-minute video walkthrough on their official YouTube channel.  

What to expect from the game

The video does not reveal the storyline of the game, but it makes the player familiar with the controls, the mechanics and the overall feeling of the huge open-world environment. It provides a sneak peek into the game’s surroundings and introduces the player into that iconic fantasy world which J.R.R. Tolkien created with “Lord of the Rings”.

The video begins with a rather short montage of the title’s gameplay and it introduces you into the actual walkthrough. However, fans should know that what the developers showed in the video is not the beginning of the game. It is actually somewhere halfway through it. A narrator explains how the controls of the game work while a fight takes place, in order to exemplify it all. The videogame’s story takes place in Osgiliath, Gondor’s capital city.  A map of the city appears while the many castles and fortresses which the player can take control of are shown.

Lots of novelties

True fans should know by now that “Middle-Earth: Shadow of War” is going to introduce lots of new features while keeping the style of the first game alive. Now, the player can handle entire units of fighters and also see and examine their stats and skills, much in the style of the old strategy games. The game also upgraded the nemesis system from the first installment. Players will still have to deal with the numerous skills and attributes which some enemies will have. However, there is also something new to the system. Now, the player can also add the companions they bring into battle to the nemesis system. As a result, this creates new storylines for the characters that are non-playable. The video also exemplifies how the mount system will work in the game.

It ends with the final battle against Ur-Hakon the Dragon. Interesting to note is that the lords of each fort are going to change according to the player’s decisions. So, they will not resemble each other, which will make things more complicated. After the player takes over a fort, they can assign any of their companions as the new Warchief. One thing is certain: players can expect lots of difficult battles, an intense storyline and a fun experience overall. From the looks of it, “Middle-Earth: Shadow of War” should not disappoint its fans. Moreover, Monolith VP of Creative Michael de Plater said that this video only scratched the surface of what is to come. “Middle-Earth: Shadow of War” comes out on August 22 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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