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Samsung Working on A New Note Series

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

According to some recent rumors, Samsung is working on a new Galaxy Note line of smartphones. They are even going to reveal the new Galaxy Note 8 soon. This piece of news comes as a surprise to many, especially after what happened with the now infamous Note 7 smartphone. This is also interesting because Samsung is preparing to launch their new Galaxy S8 and S8+ on March 29. If those latest rumors are to be believed, the Note 8 is going to be the next in line after the Note 7, without the exploding factor, let’s hope.

Codename “Great”

Some of the earlier reports stated that the codename which the new Note 8 may carry was “Baikal”. This recent report changes the situation quite a bit. The new codename for the smartphone is supposedly “Great”. Inspired? Too general? We do not have any idea. One thing is certain. If the new codename has anything in common with the smartphone, we should expect a very good device, which may come with lots of surprises and improvements from its “fiery” predecessor.

Another interesting information is that Samsung is currently working to bring back the Note 7 smartphone to the South Korean market. It is quite bizarre that the company is not giving up on the Note 7, considering the scandal it has produced all over the world. Also, what will the South Koreans say when they will find out that Samsung is working to bring back the phone which caused so many problems and sell it to them? We should keep an eye out because this might prove to be a very interesting topic.

The Galaxy Note 7 scandal

As for the huge Galaxy Note 7 scandal, Samsung faced one of its most terrible periods in history. After many users complained about overheating issues and later, exploding phones, the company had to issue an international recall of the model. This cost them a lot and it went down in tech history as the biggest such recall ever done. The company reportedly lost about $1 billion because of what happened.

About 90 cases of fires started by Galaxy Note 7 smartphones have been reported in the United States alone. A client even filed a legal lawsuit against the company because of severe burns caused by the problematic smartphone. Airline companies did not allow people with their Note 7 inside the plane and more and more such incidents were recorded every day for entire weeks. For a long time, the exact cause of the phones’ problem remained a mystery even for the manufacturers. Samsung later revealed that it was an issue with the smartphone’s battery which caused the devices to overheat while charging and finally blow up. The company apologized many times to their customers and promised that something like this would never happen again.

However, now it seems like they are trying to bring back the defunct device in South Korea. Moreover, they are reportedly going to release the next phone in line, the Galaxy Note 8. Maybe they are hoping that like this, they would win back the trust of their customers. Will Samsung succeed? We will see.

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