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Tinder Has A Secret Version Called “Select”

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According to a source, Tinder has been operating a special version of their classic app, called “Select”. This is reportedly a members-only version of Tinder and it is mainly destined for celebrities and people who are very popular on Tinder. They are the so-called “elite” users and include CEOs, models, actors, influencers and so on and so forth. Tinder has been inviting certain users to their Tinder Select app and has allowed other users to nominate people too. Users should know that Tinder Select is not an entirely different app which you can download. It is basically another layer within the main app which users can choose to turn on and off whenever they like.

For the “elite” users

Nobody knows for now what are the criteria according to which the company is choosing who to invite on the app. Rumor has it that all those people who are on Tinder Select are attractive, rich and high-profile. So, maybe this is what a person must become in order to join the ranks. Some have said that this new Tinder Select is very reminiscent of the dating app called The League. That app used LinkedIn info in order to establish who could join it. The company refused to make any comments on this select dating app so, for now, there is no way for normal people to enter the ranks of the “elite”. Even if a user can nominate another, the nominated person cannot do this. So, the circle stops there. This is supposedly a way to prevent Tinder Select form becoming something common or to lose its “select” attribute.

However, there is a high possibility that the people who are getting invited to Select have a high Tinder Elo score. This is something that rates the users’ desirability. It is reportedly based on lots of signals from other users. So, if you have a high Elo score, you probably have a better chance to become part of the elite. The tech website TechCrunch has obtained some images of Tinder Select. One thing is sure: it looks a lot better than the classic app. Its main color is blue and it has a more elegant design. Users can also choose to toggle on the Select version from the top bar on their app. It is interesting that those users can switch back and forth, without any restriction from Tinder Select or from the classical one.

Future plans

As for Tinder’s future plans with their elite version of the app, rumor has it that even if it exists for over six months, the company may never officially announce it. This is understandable because it may upset the regular users of the app who may feel excluded. Interestingly enough, Tinder is not the only dating app who has introduced this invite-only procedure. Raya is another one of those select apps which gathers people with huge numbers of followers on Instagram, who have “cool” jobs or who are well-connected.

All in all, the exact purpose of this Tinder Select app is currently unknown. What we do know, is that it is destined for elite users who are apparently better than the rest of the people populating planet Earth. It will be interesting to see if the company is going to make public this layer of their app. Especially after those recent reveals.

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