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Bolivia Files Formal Complaint to France Because of Videogame

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According to a report, the government of Bolivia has filed a formal complaint with the French embassy in La Paz. Their problem has to do with the way the developers depicted the country in the upcoming video game called “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands”, from Ubisoft. The story of the third-person shooter takes place in a future version of Bolivia which is very fictionalized. In that time, the Santa Blanca drug carter has taken control of the entire nation and its citizens. This has transformed the country into the biggest cocaine producer in the world. Many people actually noticed the rather bizarre way in which Bolivia is depicted by the game and some were not at all surprised when the news about the legal complaint arrived.

Unhappy with Bolivia’s depiction

In the formal complaint, the Bolivian government is asking the French government to take action and “intervene” in the situation. Also, the country states that if France will not offer a satisfactory response to the complaints, it reserves the right to act independently and take legal action. Bolivian interior minister Carlos Romero was the one who stated that the country is not going to shy away from taking any necessary measure in order to get rid of this completely wrong and insulting depiction of Bolivia.

However, there might be a problem. It is still unclear what should France do with the game in order to please the Bolivian government. The game is going on shelves in just a few days from now, so it is probably too late for Ubisoft to change something, even if they wanted to. The only solution might be the withdrawal of the video game from the markets. And maybe this is exactly what the Bolivian government actually wishes for.

Entirely fictional

Ubisoft issued an official statement. In it, they are explaining the reasoning behind their decision to choose Bolivia as the main location for “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands”. Firstly, they said that it has nothing to do with reality and that this version of Bolivia is entirely fictional. Characters and their story are completely made-up for the sole purpose of being used in the videogame. There is no connection whatsoever to the real situation of that specific part of the world.

Moreover, Ubisoft stated that they chose Bolivia because of the amazing environment and landscapes it possesses. They only serve for the purpose of adding beauty and scale to the videogame. The developer concluded the statement by saying that people should make the difference between what is real and what is fiction. Also, that they hope they represented the beautiful landscapes of Bolivia well. At the same time, that they wish Bolivia would never end up in a situation similar with the one from the game. Ubisoft’s “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands” goes live next week, on March 7, on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The open and closed betas of the game actually broke Ubisoft’s previous records. It reportedly gathered about 6.8 million players.

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