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Google Assistant Now Available for More Android Users

Google Assistant on smartphone

Since Friday, the Google Assistant is available to more Android users who have smartphones running on Android 7.0 Nougat and Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Google made the official announcement that they would do this last week, but today, the company released a video ad which officially brings the good news. That the Google Assistant is from now on available to more people. However, Google did not specify what devices exactly are going to receive the helper. The only thing left to do is for users to check if they have an update for the Google Play Services which will most likely contain the Google Assistant.

Google Assistant is now for everyone

In October last year, Google announced the now famous Google Assistant during one of their hardware events. Still, what exactly is this smart friend which everybody is so obsessed with? It is an advanced artificial intelligence assistant which is very different from Google’s previous one, which was called Google Now. It is more complex, feels more like a human being and offers a lot more details when you ask for them. Also, it has a more conversational tone to it, making it feel like your phone is actually alive. Some people who have compared the Google Assistant with Apple’s Siri have reached the conclusion that the first one is the better artificial intelligence based friend. For example, Siri has a lot of issues with follow-up questions, while the Google Assistant does this almost perfectly. The Assistant can also establish routes, make lists, book reservations and many more other useful things.

Google Assistant began as an exclusive feature for the Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. During the same October event, it was presented as the biggest novelty which was at the time only available if you bought a Pixel phone. At first, the company did not intend to make the Assistant available for other smartphones too, mainly because they probably wanted it to be the reason for which people were buying the Pixel. However, it seems like now, they changed their plans and made it available for other phones too.

It will not roll out immediately

Some people with Android phones might not get the new update immediately. Google will introduce the Assistant to the United States users first, then to the Australian, Canadian and British ones. German speakers in Germany will follow. Moreover, in their official press release, the company stated that the Google Assistant is going to come to Samsung, Sony, HTC and Huawei devices. They even showed how the Assistant is going to look on the Samsung Galaxy S7, LG V20 and HTC 10 smartphones. All in all, it seems like Google wants to introduce their virtual friend to the world. It can maybe become the main such friend of the smartphone users from all around the Globe. We will see what their reaction will be. Also, if the Assistant will indeed handle tasks better than its rival, Siri.

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