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Snapchat Working on A Drone

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A recent report from New York Times states that Snap, the company behind the popular Snapchat app and the Snap Spectacles are planning to build a drone of their own. According to this same report, three different sources have reportedly received a briefing regarding the hardware. Why a drone? Well, this drone will supposedly take photographs and record videos which will then be sent to the company as visual data. However, it is currently unknown whether or not such a drone will be available for the public to buy. Recently, Snapchat became Snap, making it even clearer that the company wishes to extend more into the camera technology business, apart from social media. Snapchat has recently been losing users because of Instagram’s new updates which pretty much replace everything Snapchat does. A good example of this are the InstaStories.

A drone to snap pictures

Snap’s CEO Evan Spiegel recently made public a video in which he explains a rather interesting theory. He says that for now, people are only beginning to unveil what cameras can really do. They are capable of so much more than we think and that this is the main focus of Snap. Still, the company’s new focus on cameras and hardware should not come as a surprise. We need to keep in mind that Snap already released their Snap Spectacles. Now that the news of a drone being planned have emerged, it is crystal clear that Snap wants to bring in more and more products.

As for the Snap Spectacles, those were a piece of hardware which looked like a usual pair of black sunglasses but had a camera incorporated, above each lens. Users were able to connect the Spectacles to a mobile device and could use the Snapchat app without eve touching their phone. Simply through filming with the glasses. They were pretty successful and most importantly, an innovation in this domain. Moreover, this new drone might be part of a bigger project from Snap. Who knows? Maybe it will not be available for the public and instead incorporated into something else, much bigger.

Snap’s public offering

This news regarding the new drone comes before Snap’s public offering which will take place this week. Ahead of the offering, Snap has also released its IPO prospectus. In it, the company is stating that their wish to “reinvent” the camera as we know it could prove to be their best chance at improving the way people nowadays live and experience technology. Also, the way they are communicating. Snap is saying that they will release products which will help and encourage people to express themselves without any restriction or fear. Also, they want to make people enjoy the present, to learn about various subjects in the world and to most importantly, have fun doing it.

All in all, it seems like the spectacles were just the beginning of the adventure for Snap. From now on, we should expect lots of new products which will most certainly promote a different view from that of the old Snapchat.

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