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Uber CEO Caught on Tape in Heated Argument with Driver

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On Tuesday, Bloomberg made public a video footage which shows Uber CEO Travis Kalanick involved in a heated argument with one of his drivers. The man, Fawzi Kamel, reportedly complained to Kalanick about the falling fares. The video footage seems to confirm what many other people have said about him and his behavior. They characterized him as being a rather unsympathetic individual and one who does not show a friendly attitude towards his colleagues.

Kalanick responds

After the video showing him yelling at the driver surfaced, Kalanick quickly published an official statement on Uber’s blog. It was still a little late because people immediately started criticizing him on the social media platforms. However, in the statement Kalanick admits that he must change his behavior as a leader and to “grow up”. He declared himself “ashamed” about the whole situation and admitted that he treated the driver “disrespectfully”. Moreover, he states that what the video shows is indeed him and that he is willing to search help in order to change. In the end, he also apologized to Fawzi Kamel and to each Uber employee and client.

This recent event comes after Uber has suffered a series of hard-hitting blows. Initially, a former employee called Susan Fowler wrote on her blog that the company does nothing to exterminate sexual harassment from their ranks. She even has an example of a manager who used to do this to the female workers. Sarah herself reportedly suffered because of him and was forced to switch teams. Her courage inspired many others and many similar stories started appearing online. Uber even fired one of its most important executives because he failed to inform the company about some sexual harassment allegations he faced while he was working at Google. People also accused the ride hailing company of misogynistic treatments and threats against journalists.

Uber faces difficulties

There are also some ongoing concerns regarding the way the company treats its drivers. People have also reported some user privacy issues. The case of the Frenchman’s wife who filed for divorce because of the Uber app is now famous. All those situations made many people remove the app from their smartphones as a way of protesting against the company’s ideals. An entire campaign was created and people were tweeting the hashtag “#deleteUber”. On the iOS App store, Uber has been invaded by lots of one star ratings from people unhappy with their services.

All in all, it is certain that such a behavior, especially from such an important CEO as Kalanick is unacceptable. He made the right move to admit he was wrong and to apologize and promise to change. However, his promise will not mean a thing if the company as a whole is not going to change some core ideals. People will keep on giving up on their services, especially now that they have alternatives to choose from, as Lyft. Those last few weeks have been horrible for Uber. If the company will continue to go on like this, the future does not look bright at all.

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