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Uber Executive Out Over Sexual-Harassment Allegations

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A respected Silicon Valley engineer and former Google employee stepped down from his post at Uber. Recode’s Kara Swisher informed the company through a report that there were some sexual-harassment allegations concerning him at his former job at Google. The issue is that when Uber hired him, he did not mention them. Amit Singhal was senior vice president of engineering at the company. He denies all of those charges. Swisher states in her report that an investigation conducted at Google found the charges to be at least “credible”.

Amit Singhal is out from Uber

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick reportedly asked Singhal to resign from his post on Monday. The main reason for this was the fact that he avoided to inform the company about the allegations when he was hired. Singhal also released an official statement in which he denies all the sexual-harassment allegations. He states that he did not do anything inappropriate, let alone sexually harass anyone. He called any kid of harassment “unacceptable” and said that over the course of his career of 20 years nobody accused him of anything. Finally, he wanted to specify the fact that he decided to leave Google because he wanted to go in another direction, not because of those kinds of issues.

Both companies did not make any comment on the situation of their former employee. This recent scandal comes as the ride hailing company is facing some trouble also regarding harassment accusations. It all began when another former Uber employee published a blog post in which she stated that the company ignored her attempts to announce that harassment was common. Interestingly enough, at the time, Amit Singhal posted a Twitter message in response to her blog post and said that he would investigate the situation.

Difficult times for Uber

Singhal announced that he was stepping down from his post at Google in February 2016, after almost 15 years working for them. In January, he announced that he had joined Uber. At his new workplace, he needed to oversee the maps and marketplace departments. Also, he was sometimes advising Uber CEO Travis Kalanick in regards with various situations. Moreover, he was an advisor to the vice president engineering and Otto co-founder Anthony Levandowski too. He gave advices on self-driving technology.

However, Singhal’s departure does not have anything to do with last week’s lawsuit which Waymo filed against Uber. Waymo accused Levandowski of stealing important technology (related to the LIDAR one) from them before leaving and starting Otto, which Uber eventually bought for a lot of money. The company characterized the charges as having no real base whatsoever. All in all, it seems like the problems keep on coming for Uber and the way out is really far right now. We will see what is going to happen with the ride-hailing company in the following weeks.

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