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Huawei P10 and the Novelties It Brings

Huawei P10 Leica double-camera system

Let’s begin with the bad news. The new handset from Huawei, the P10, is not going to be available for sale in the United States, at least for the moment. The good news? It is a very good smartphone. It will be pretty expensive when it will go on sale (649 Euros), but it is a top-quality phone with lots of improvements and quality components. Huawei unveiled their new P10 devices on Sunday at the annual Mobile World Congress in the Spanish capital city of Barcelona. According to experts, the third largest phone maker after Apple and Samsung has the best change of exploiting the gap left by Samsung and their Galaxy Note 7. We are talking about Android phones, not the iPhones which are clearly the ones profiting the most from Samsung’s situation.

A very good smartphone

The specifications of the new Huawei P10 are top notch. The phone will come with the new Kirin 960 processor, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, the already known Leica dual camera system, dual SIMs and a quality build overall. As for the design, many people criticized it. Let’s make it clear. The phone is not black. It has a different color which is quite unique and new. It does not have the fingerprint sensor on the back anymore, but on the front. Still, it looks good. Many have said that it reminds them of a slicker, more elegant and refined Google Pixel. It also has another rather unusual color: green.

As for the speed of the phone, it is very satisfying. The fingerprint sensor unlocks the phone almost instantly. Also, the phone moves very fast in general. This is nothing new if you used another phone with a Kirin processor before. They are known to be fast. The smartphone comes with a 5.2″ 1080p display and 3200mAh battery which is a rather powerful one. The camera stays the same as last year’s P9 phone. The Leica dual camera system works the same. One camera has a monochrome sensor while the other has a RGB sensor. When you are taking a picture, they are joining in order to create the best contrast and sharpness of the picture in absolutely any light conditions. If the P10’s camera is going to be at least as good as the one on the P9, it will still be a very good camera.

Not keeping up with the trend?

However, if there is something to discuss about the design of the Huawei P10, it is the fact that for some people it may look like an alder phone. Let’s take into account how much bezels Samsung is cutting off this year. The P10 seems still stuck in 2016, hence the Google Pixel comparison. This is not a bad thing if the phone is very good. However, some people might be more attracted to the newer, bezel-less devices, especially when they will see them on billboards all over the city. Still, people who will want quality over bezel-less phones will still choose accordingly.

All in all, the new Huawei P10 smartphone seems like a good choice for anybody. Good specifications, good camera, good reaction speed. Everything you would want in a smartphone, the P10 will have it. It is nothing revolutionary, but sometimes it is better to keep a successful recipe and make customers happy than try new things and fail miserably.

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