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Instagram Now lets You Post Up to 10 Photos of Videos at Once

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From now on, Instagram will let you share a more complete experience of your day to day life by allowing its users to post up to 10 photos of videos, at once. The app launched its new feature which will let the users mix photos with videos and post them as one single album. Your followers will then be able to swipe left and right and watch all of your posts. In the following weeks, this new feature will become available for every iOS and Android user.

Your life as a carousel

Instagram described this new feature as some kind of “carousel” of your life which you can build around a specific theme. For example, if you are going to a concert, you will be able to mix photos and videos of your favorite band and post them all at once, so your friends will get to experience it with you. Instagram’s aim is to become the place where users can see bits and pieces of their friends’ lives. This is the main reason why they implemented InstaStories in the first place, so that people would be able to see more than just a perfectly well executed photograph.

According to the people over at Instagram, everyone has more content they would like to post on their social media platforms but they cannot. Some photos do not fit with the theme or with the mood of the day. With this new feature, users will be able to post lots of pictures and videos without worrying that they would annoy their followers.

How does it work

When they will go on Instagram, users will see an option for selecting multiple photos or videos. The fun part is that they can edit up to ten such photos or videos individually. They can also edit them all at once, using one single filter. It is all up to the user and their preference. You can change their order, tag friends or brands, apply a location tag and your friends will be able to like and comment on your posts. There is one single restriction for now, but it will probably be eliminated soon. Everything the user posts must be in square format.

When a friend will see some blue dots near a post, they will know that it is a carousel. Then, they can begin swiping left and right and watch the entire set. It is interesting that this new feature can be used in many ways. You can show your friends how a certain party was. Or you can share a cake recipe with them, step by step, with photos and videos. The details of an outfit or what you are currently doing. All those things will be much easier to share now.

With this new update, Instagram will most probably expand their user base even more. And if they manage to make people feel like a single snap is no longer enough, it may completely kill off Snapchat. Instagram was accused of stealing Snapchat’s main function when they introduced the InstaStories. We will see where this will go from now on and if Snapchat is going to survive.

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