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Horizon Zero Dawn Might Become a Classic

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Sony’s Horizon Zero Dawn is already considered one of the best games recently released. Some are even deeming it to be the next Uncharted. As weird as it may sound, it could happen. Specialists are already saying that by the end of the year, the game could level or even surpass the sales of Uncharted 4 for the PlayStation 4. This is amazing news, especially for a first game. Compared to it, Uncharted 4 came as the next installment of an already established and successful franchise.

Huge success

According to some reports, Horizon Zero Dawn could reach up to 8 million units by the end of this year. Even if it will not reach 8 million units, it will certainly reach 6 million. Guerilla Games made a very intricate and aggressive marketing campaign and used the game’s main character, Aloy, to attract players. She could also prove to be the new face of the PlayStation brand. Moreover, if the sales for Horizon Zero Dawn will be as huge as expected, it could become a new franchise with many installments to follow.

However, to compare a completely new game with an installment of a huge franchise such as Uncharted is rather insane. No matter how the critics deemed the game (because the reviews were mixed), Uncharted always sold very well. When it comes to Horizon Zero Dawn, the prospect is positive but it may not reach that level of popularity as Uncharted. Some people still see Horizon Zero Dawn as a risk because the market is not used to a new game like this one. Guerilla Games are famous for “Killzone” but a whole new title from them does not mean it will be good.

High expectations are not always helpful

As the many examples we already know, to have cool graphics, aggressive marketing and an interesting premise is not enough for a game to be well received. Not by critics and not by players either. “The Order 1886” had them all and still, critics destroyed it and players did not find it interesting enough. So, gameplay is worth more than a nice package when it comes to a game selling well. The key is to make the game keep players entertained, to have lots of things to do and to have an engaging story. This will make them talk to each other and convince their friends to buy it too.

As for Aloy becoming the new PlayStation mascot, this is not really something you can predict. Usually, a character becomes iconic thanks to the popularity of the game it appears in. Crash Bandicoot is the perfect example for this situation. He was never meant to be a mascot, but he became one anyway. Master Chief from “HALO” did the same for the Xbox brand. The series of games was extremely successful so the players chose this character unwillingly to represent the very essence of the Xbox.

All in all, even if for now critics love Horizon Zero Dawn, it does not mean that it is going to become a classic. If the game manages to convince players too, it will be a huge success. Until then, it is better to stay humble. You never know what is going to happen.

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