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Twitch Streamer Dies During Charity Live Event

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A Twitch streamer and a pretty famous “World of Tanks” player Brian Vigneault (whose nickname was PoShYbRiD) was found dead on Sunday evening. According to reports, he passed away while live streaming a 24-hour charity event on Twitch. He was both the host and the producer of this event and he was doing it all from his home in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He was on hour 22 when he reportedly died. According to his Twitch profile, he was just 34 years-old. The cause of his sudden death is still unknown.

A death on Twitch

The police from Virginia Beach were called approximately an hour after he fell during his live stream. He was reportedly unresponsive. Sadly, they could not do anything to save his life because he was already gone by the time they arrived. He was a father of three and according to the stream moderator, he went out to smoke a cigarette. He never came back to the stream so everybody just assumed he had fallen asleep. One of the moderators tried to contact Brian through the gaming communication app Discord. He managed to make contact with a Virginia Beach detective who informed him of Brian’s death.

The Virginia Police have started an investigation which they hope will reveal the exact cause of the Twitch streamer’s unexpected death. It is important to note that until now, the police found no connection between his very long gaming sessions and his passing. Some people might believe that this was the cause and that he died from exhaustion. It would not be the first time something like this happens. There have been numerous cases of gamers who, caught in a video game, forgot to eat, sleep or drink water and eventually died.

Regularly raising money

Brian was known for his efforts to raise money for charities through his live streaming. He raised around $10,000 for numerous organizations. Wargaming.net, which is the publisher of the game “World of Tanks” issued an official statement. They said that the death of Brian made them extremely sad. He has always been a very big fan of their game and helped the Make-A-Wish Foundation a great deal. The team offered their condolences to the friends and family of the gamer during these difficult times.

The precursor company which later became Twitch was Justin.tv. It specialized in streaming various user content. After a while, it slowly started to turn into what everybody knows today as Twitch, a platform for video game live streaming. Back in 2014, Amazon bought it for almost $1 billion. Two years later, in 2016, Twitch revealed a so-called IRL category. This allows users to also live stream other events from their lives, not only video games. From that point onwards, Twitch gained a lot more users and it is not only for gaming live streaming anymore.

All in all, it is sad every time the world hears about such sudden deaths that may have video games as a cause. Even if Brian’s death had nothing to do with this fact, people should see this as a warning that sometimes, it is better to leave your computer and go take a breath of fresh air.

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