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Square Enix Announces New Studio and RPG Project

Project Prelude Rune concept art from Square Enix

Square Enix, the famous Japanese RPG specialist, just announced a new RPG project and a new studio which is going to make it. The name of the new game is currently “Project Prelude Rune” and its developer will be Tokyo-based Studio Istolia. The name reportedly comes from the Greek word for “story” and according to Square Enix, represents the very essence of the direction the studio is going for. Even if some Japanese console-only titles have found their way onto PCs, Square Enix still has to port their recent Final Fantasy title to desktop.

A new studio

According to Square Enix’s official statement, the aim of the new studio is to bring amazing stories to players. And not only this, but stories to also inspire the players in their real lives, to stick with them for a long time after they finished a game. Another aim is to create some new game experiences for everyone. Studio Istolia will reportedly create “new intellectual properties” together with already existing Square Enix studios. The head of the studio will reportedly be Hideo Baba. With an experience of over 18 years in game development, he is indeed the right man to lead a new studio which bases their creations around story.

Square Enix also stated that Baba is the producer of the new RPG “Project Prelude Rune”. The target of this new project is an RPG game which will present a new fantasy world to the players. The story is going to take place on a land which is full of life. This land will reportedly be filled with people who, at one point, will decide to make a stand and fight for what they believe is right. From this point, the player will discover a whole new world full of adventures and opportunities, begging to be explored.

Moving forward

The experienced Hideo Baba might be a familiar name for those people who have played “Tales Of” series. He served as the director and producer of those games too. As for the new RPG “Project Prelude Rune”, nobody knows too many details for now. The platforms on which the game will or will not appear on are still a mystery. However, Square Enix said that those people who are interested in news should keep an eye on the studio’s official website. It will reportedly be updates frequently with new and interesting information about the creation process of the game.

The studio also released some images showing the art which are going to represent the very base of the game. From those, we can tell that the game is still very early in the development process. However, they seem interesting and show a variety of environments. Players can see some huge creatures too and some kind of elves equipped with bows and arrows. Those interested can see the images thanks to some Twitter messages posted by people and websites familiar with the subject.

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