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Horizon Zero Dawn: Profound and Engaging

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Horizon Zero Dawn comes from the same studio that has offered us the very famous and popular video game franchise Killzone. However, for a long period of time, they have not done anything outside their comfort zone. Until now. The game is a mystery form the get go. It possesses a story which begs to be unveiled. It also has a unique identity and it is not like any other open world games you ever played. The combat is engaging and fun, the story and universe are profound. Horizon Zero Dawn should not leave any player disappointed.

The universe

The year is 3XXX, on Earth. Well, 3XXX approximately, because the world practically ended centuries before the events of the game are taking place. The only people who are populating this Earth are gathered in various tribes, each with their own customs and individualities. Their way of life is very reminiscent of that of our ancestors, from a few thousand years ago. The player will control Aloy, a girl born to the Nora tribe. The circumstances of her birth are very mysterious. Because of this, some elders see her as an omen while others consider Aloy to be a blessing from the Gods. Still, she is banished from her tribe and she can only return if she wins a contest called The Proving.

The world is also full of giant robots which do not really look like they belong on the Earth, in the state it is currently in. Aloy needs to fight those monsters in order to survive and to find the purpose of her existence. The game’s story is complex, detailed and will keep you on the edge of your seat. Most importantly, everything has a purpose. Nothing feels like it was added for shock value or left unfinished. However, when there is an engaging story, there are also some over the top and rather cheesy moments, but they do not bother the player. On the contrary, they set the world in motion.

The power to decide

It is interesting to note that Horizon Zero Dawn only has one possible ending. However, Aloy needs to take some decisions during her adventure, but they affect other characters more than they affect the outcome of the story. Still, the game does a very god job at making you at least think that you can decide certain things. Very interesting is the fact that, during the final battle, some characters you chose to help will help you in return. So, the player will do good to get out of his way to help some interesting characters. They will come in handy alter. This system was also present in Dragon Age: Origins, for those who still remember that beautiful game.

The enemies are difficult to kill, but they are more of a nice challenge than bringing a Dark Souls-level frustration. The open world treatment is done nicely, but the player can choose to fast travel wherever they have business to do. The many weapons which Aloy possesses can be upgraded. It is very interesting that, considering the giant robots around, the weapons are very primitive compared to what we have today. Aloy often uses a bow and arrow, for example.

All in all, Horizon Zero Dawn is a beautifully created game, from almost all the points of view. It is the best-looking game out there at the moment and one of the best experiences of the beginning of the year. It is worth trying. Players are not going to be disappointed at all.

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