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The Next iPhone might Come with Lots of Changes

iPhone 8 silver prototype

It seems like Apple wants to bring something new with each version of their famous iPhone. Now, the size of the smartphone will reportedly be reduced and some ports eliminated. It already sounds like old news. However, there is something new here. According to some recent rumors, Apple wants to introduce wireless charging with their next iPhone (be it 8 or X).  This means more cuts in wires and ports. Still, the wireless charging technology might actually be for the better. As opposed to the headphones jack removal which caused so much controversy.

Apple often follows

Apple is known to be a company which lets others introduce something groundbreaking. If it is successful, Apple introduces it too. If now, they do not. Either way, this is a winning strategy. However, if it is true, this wireless charging technology will be the exception to that rule because it will indeed be groundbreaking.

Does this mean that users will no longer be able to charge their iPhone using a wire? In other words, will Apple force them to use the wireless charging technology, like they did with the wireless AirPods? Maybe. The answer is that having both wireless and wired charging technology would make things more complicated. Would a user buy that expensive wireless charger if he has the classic alternative of wired charging? Probably not. This is exactly why Apple acted the way it did with the wireless AirPods. This is why they will probably remove wired charging completely.

Facial recognition scanner

As for other features, Apple’s next iPhone might come with 3D laser scanner for facial recognition, incorporated into its edge-to-edge OLED display. According to some reports, this 3D scanner is going to replace the Touch ID on the next iPhone. The Home button will also be removed from the equation. A recent report claims that the next iPhone is probably going to cost over $1,000 in the United States. It may look like much, but we should take into consideration the higher price of the materials. This new scanner, the OLED display (which is said to be twice as expensive than the LCD one), the glass case and who knows what else.

The same report states that this facial recognition scanner might make the job easier for the users who complained about the Touch ID not working in wet conditions. It is interesting to note that this 3D scanner could also be used for augmented reality. We will have to wait at least one more year for that, however. An official announcement about the new iPhone might happen at WWDC 2017, which starts on June 5. This rumor is bizarre because Apple has not released any iPhone related news at WWDC since 2010. So, for now, this rumor should not be taken too seriously.

However, an official announcement should come rather soon. Rumors started going crazy recently and Apple would not want people to believe them and create an unrealistic idea in their heads. So, it is better to wait for them to announce the exact novelties which the new iPhone will bring.

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