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Mark Zuckerberg Pens Letter and Talks About Pressing Issues

Mark Zuckerberg talking on stage

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, wrote a rather long letter on Thursday and in it he shared his opinion on many interesting and current topics. Among other things, he talked about the future of his company, the fake news problem and how will artificial intelligence be incorporated into our everyday lives and into the social media platform, in the near future. He focused on the idea of creating “stronger communities”, especially online ones. Those would help the people greatly and would provide help, information and support. Basically, he wishes for more such communities gathering people from all over the world in one single virtual space.

The fake news issue

Zuckerberg also shared his ideas on fake news and how can companies stop them from spreading. He said that the entire team has been studying this problem and coming up with ideas on how to fight them. However, there might be more implications than just getting rid of false information online. After all, people have the capability of choosing what they want to believe or not. One can choose to not believe a proven true story while believing a completely false one. Maybe the fake one resonates with his way of thinking. According to Zuckerberg, social media makes available more viewpoints than the traditional media ever has. So, this is a problem of perception. This does not mean that companies should not do everything in their power to stop the fake news from spreading and misinforming people.

Artificial intelligence will be a big part of social media

As for artificial intelligence, Zuckerberg seems to be relying his hopes for the future of the social media platform on this new technology. He acknowledged the fact that there are still major advances which experts must obtain on order for artificial intelligence to be usable at its full capacity. He is planning to use artificial intelligence to do some things which until now were done by people from the team. For example, to look at photos or videos and to determine whether or not they contain inappropriate content or anything else. Currently, one third of the content reviewed by the team is done by artificial intelligence. So, this is a huge progress which will reach new highs soon.

The Facebook CEO also talked about the issue of globalization and how it leaves some people behind. This is why he champions for a global community. To bring people back to the unity which is slowly starting to disappear. With the current global situation, this idea of his will be very difficult to achieve. Still, it is a very good thing that such an important figure for technology and entrepreneurship dares to speak up and come with such innovative proposals.

Zuckerberg’s letter looks like a convenient way to clarify some things for everyone out there. However, some might say that it could be a farewell letter too. Rumor has it that Mark Zuckerberg might be out from Facebook in short time. We doubt that this is the case and it does not make his letter less interesting.

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