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Facebook Now Allows Job Openings. What about LinkedIn?

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Facebook keeps on expanding to new horizons. Recently, they introduced the possibility for businesses to post job openings on the social platform. What is more interesting is that users can also apply directly from Facebook for the job they want. The option is only available on Facebook pages (not personal accounts) and, for the moment, only in the United States and Canada. This recent update confirms the suspicions of many, who thought that Facebook might want to dabble in this industry too. The question is, what about LinkedIn? Will they still survive now that Facebook can offer users everything LinkedIn based their platform on? Hard to guess.

Expanding into the job market industry

Back in November, someone reported this feature being tested. Now that the new feature is live, Business Pages on Facebook will be able to post their open job positions on their News Feed. The businesses will only need to access the status update option and they will find everything they need there. A Jobs tab is going to appear on that specific page and users will be able to find what they are looking for very easily. When someone finds a job that interests them, they will only need to access the Apply Now button and send an application through Facebook Messenger. The arrangements for the interview or any other questions can be then carried on Messenger, quick and easy and with instant responses from both parties.

Apart from that, Facebook wants to make the job even swifter for people who may want to apply. So, certain fields will be automatically filled with information from the person’s own profile. For example, if you would like to fill in an application, you would already find your name, age, location, profile picture and anything else in there. So, it will be much easier than in any other job oriented website or platform.

What would LinkedIn do?

Moreover, companies do not need to pay in order to post a job opening. It is free and unlimited. This new feature will also help smaller businesses which often struggle to find employees because of the big companies. Now, someone interested to work in a coffee shop will be able to apply for that position. In addition, this feature also works for part-time jobs, something that LinkedIn does not have. Yet, at least.

Speaking of LinkedIn, Facebook VP of Advertising and Pages Andrew Bosworth says that most of the people looking for a job already have one. They are only looking for a better one. So, nobody steals anything from anyone. However, it is hard to ignore the fact that Facebook has a 1.86 billion people user base. Meanwhile, LinkedIn only has 467 million users. We agree that it is not Facebook’s intention to steal LinkedIn’s job, but it almost does not matter if they do or not. The difference in user base is too big. Facebook just wants to grow, with or without taking away from another platform which happens to have this feature as a main attraction. Should we call it bad luck?

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