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Facebook Launching App for Apple and Amazon Fire TV

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It seems like Facebook wants to extend even more. This is why they are planning to come right to you, through your TV screen. It may seem weird that a company which did not even exist when the TVs were the big thing wants to extend into that area. Still, Facebook wants to get a grip on each and every device you own, so it is only natural for them to want to control the thing you look at a few hours a day.

Moving into the TV business

According to what Facebook said on Tuesday, the company designed a connected video app for the TVs. In a few weeks-time, the new feature is going to become available on many devices including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and even Samsung Smart TVs. Thanks to this new app, users will be able to watch videos from Facebook on their TV screen at home. It does not matter if that video is shared by a friend, appears in the newsfeed or it is a Live video. All of them will be available. It is interesting that Facebook might gain a lot of revenue from this new area they want to extend to. Thanks to the TVs, Facebook will be able to show more ads, which is one of the main sources of revenue for all of those social media platforms.

This new app is another proof that Facebook wants to make its platform more focused on video content. Everyone can now have easy access to videos on various websites like Netflix or Hulu. So, Facebook wants to become one of those websites which will provide video content to its users. According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, video has become a trend as big as mobile nowadays. So, the plan is to make it much easier for users to film and post videos or to share them in many new ways.

An easier way to watch videos

Dan Rose, Facebook’s VP of Partnerships, said that many users are often keeping lots of videos which they want to watch later but often do not find the time. With the new TV app, it is now easier to just go on your TV and watch those videos while you are doing something else. According to statistics, users were watching over 100 million hours of video content every day, in 2016. Facebook seems to want even more. The company is in talks with many video creators to make longer ones, TV-style. Facebook also wants to license those videos.

It remains to be seen how interested users will be in such an app, specifically designed for video content. Facebook spent a lot of 2016 testing their new video tab on the platform. It finally went live in December, but people still do not understand why it took so long. It was not anything special, just a way of finding videos and Live videos quicker. On Tuesday, Facebook announced some other updates. Among those is an option to scroll down your feed while continuing to watch a video. Also, a vertical video viewing option will roll out soon.

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