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Huawei to Launch P10 Smartphone this Month

Huawei P9, silver smarpthone

The people at Huawei just confirmed that the company is going to release their new flagship handset, the Huawei P10, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The event is going to take place on February 26. They also released a rather mysterious video teaser which unfortunately does not show the phone at all. So, nobody has any idea about how the smartphone is going to look exactly. There are some rumors but for now, nothing is certain.

“Change the way the world sees you”

In this mysterious short video clip, Huawei shows only a pair of eyes and a hashtag with the motto “Change the way the world sees you”. This could very well be a hint towards the new phone having dual cameras. The iPhone 7 and its predecessor, the Huawei P9 also had dual cameras and this system proved to be a success. So, maybe the company wants to continue with it and make phones which have a high capacity in what concerns photography.

As for the design of the phone, there are numerous rumors floating around. If we are to consider those, the Huawei P10 will have two versions: the P10 and the P10 Plus. Both of them will come with 5.5-inch qHD screens. The only difference will be that the Plus version will sport curved edges, resembling the Samsung Galaxy Edge. Apart from those details, the phone will supposedly have a better processor, 4 to 6GB of RAM and 32 to 128GB of storage. It will be bigger than its predecessor, the P9, which had a 5.2-inch screen. Still, the P9 was a very good phone which many appreciated. It had great specifications, amazing photography abilities and was very cool looking. Critics said that it lacked a little bit of character but that is a question of taste.

The Huawei experience

Huawei also has a lineup of bigger phones. For example, the Mate 9. So, it is normal for the P10 to not exceed expectations in which concerns the size of the display. At the same time, Huawei CEO Richard Yu posted an image on Weibo which confirmed the fact that the company will also release a new smartwatch at the same convention in Barcelona. The Huawei Watch was released two years ago and it had great success. It was an elegant watch. This time, the new reveal seems to point towards a sportier device. Moreover, the official Huawei Twitter page posted a series of tweets in which they are teasing the new P10 smartphone. All in all, we will see soon how will the smartphone look and if it will be a big departure from the P9 device.

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