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Elon Musk Continues to Make Ambitious Predictions

Elon Musk inspecting a heat shield

Elon Musk is known to be one of those influential and rich people who are interested in lots of areas. Rocket science, solar energy, the auto industry. He tried them all. He succeeded too. Apart from all those businesses, he is also one of the people who dare to make ambitious predictions for the future of the human kind. On Monday, he did it again while he was in Dubai to launch Tesla in the United Arab Emirates at the World Government Summit. He talked about lots of subjects during an interview on stage: aliens, artificial intelligence and mostly, the future of our race. As usual, he had some very interesting views to share.

The auto industry

When asked about what will happen in the auto industry in the future, Musk said that in just ten years-time, automakers are going to build their cars to be completely autonomous. Moreover, he said that in the future, a car requiring a driver would be the bizarre thing. In his opinion, artificial intelligence is going to cause some huge developments from now on. This is the point to which we were fighting to arrive until now. From now on, things are going to be much simpler. Musk’s own electric car company, Tesla, is already developing their cars with a fully autonomous system, which will allow them to function without a driver. Moreover, he aims to drive one such car before the end of this year. And other automakers seem to have the same views as Musk when it comes to autonomous cars.

Half human, half cyborg

Another very interesting and ambitious prediction coming from Musk was that in the future, the human brain might need artificial enhancement in order to keep up with the technology. His opinion is that in time, artificial intelligence and biological intelligence are going to merge to create some kind of cyborg. He also knows how this might be done and it is all about the connection speed between the brain and the digital version of the person.

Also, Musk talked about the fact the he is planning to build a tunnel near SpaceX’s Los Angeles headquarters. He wants to decongestion the chaotic traffic from LA. So, the quickest and most effective solution is a tunnel underneath it all. Musk thinks that it is easier to go down underneath than to go high above. Moreover, Musk’s solution for overcrowded cities are entire webs of tunnels underground. The only issue here is that those tunnels require time and technology.

Elon Musk also doubled down on his idea that we are all characters in a simulator, which an advanced race controls. His main arguments for this theory is precisely the speed at which video games are evolving. Forty years ago, a video games meant something very simple, like two rectangles and a dot. Now, years later, we are preparing for virtual reality and augmented reality. Just imagine that another, more advanced race already went through all of these changes and we are their characters in a video game. It may sound bizarre, but it is Elon Musk we are talking about here. His ideas are outlandish, brilliant and most of the times, they become reality.

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