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Tim Cook Calls for Campaigns Against Fake News

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Apple CEO Tim Cook recently called for a massive campaign which should unite all the tech giants in the fight against fake news. He said this in a recent interview and also talked about what the governments should do in order to raise awareness among the people. Moreover, Cook thinks that an education campaign in schools would help a lot in the current situation because children often fall victim to such stories, online.

“Killing people’s minds”

Tim Cook said that all of the technology companies should unite under one cause and help fight against this parasite which has infected the online medium. According to Cook, nowadays, people are successful if they have many views or likes. Truth and talent does not matter anymore. Popularity is everything and this is “killing people’s minds.” Other CEOs of the big tech companies have talked about this situation. Among them were Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. However, Tim Cook’s comments are much more frank and severe.

The fake news are those stories which circulate online and which deceive people by changing their mind. You can most frequently find them on Facebook, but other companies received such accusations, like Twitter. Sometimes, these stories only look for profit and clicks. Other times, they are completely political. This was the case of the many accusations which the tech companies received when Donald Trump won the presidential election. Back then, many said that he managed to become president because of the fake news which deceived the people and which attacked his opponent.

A hard battle to fight

The main problem with the fight against fake news is that they are often so convincing, that people cannot really tell if they are fake or real. So, this is where those big tech companies should focus their attention. Creating a way of telling the true stories apart from the fake ones. However, as Tim Cook said, too many people are complaining and doing nothing instead. One very interesting thing he said is that this campaign should be like a new class at school for the modern kid. The one who grew up with all this technology around. They too need education in this regard. Their physical and intellectual safety is at stake.

Another important thing Cook said was that the tech companies should find a way of stopping the fake news from spreading but without stepping on the freedom of speech. And this can be a very hard thing to do. Apple’s app called “Apple News” is meant as a way for the people to make sure that what they find in there is true.

Recently, Facebook also started working on a way for users to mark and flag news stories which seem dubious. Those “warning labels” would show every time an article is unsafe or possibly fake. It does not stop users from reading it, but at least it warns them. And it is a start. However, everyone needs to do more if we want to stop this plague once and for all.

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