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Frenchman Sues Uber for Telling Wife About his Affair

Uber app on an iPhone

A French businessman has reportedly filed a lawsuit in which he blamed ride-hailing company Uber for notifying his wife about an affair. He wants Uber to pay him $48 million for the damages inflicted and for causing his divorce. According to the reports, the Frenchman used his wife’s iPhone to order an Uber for a meeting with his mistress. Then, he signed off of the app and gave the wife her phone back.

A bug in the system

Interestingly enough, because of a bug in the app’s system, the wife was still able to see where her husband was going, even if he signed off. She was even receiving notifications related to his account, on her phone. Uber did not send her the real-time orders of her husband, but she could still see them afterwards. This proved to be the end of the Frenchman’s married life, as the wife could tell if he was lying or not. Moreover, she knew the exact type of car, its plate number and the name of the driver with whom the cheating husband was travelling.

It is interesting that it is still unknown whether or not the husband was indeed cheating. However, the notification she was receiving on her phone made the wife think that was the truth and filed for divorce. Now, the man and his attorney are blaming Uber for everything and claiming that he did not cheat. This is not even the most important part. He is actually asking Uber to pay him $48 million for everything that happened to him.

Technology affecting the real life

This might only be another proof of the fact that technology has started affecting our private lives. Various apps, social media platforms and many other things are now part of our everyday lives. By the looks of it, instead of helping us, they can sometimes affect us in ways we do not even think about.  Back in 2010, a survey from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found that the number of divorces in which the evidence was drawn from Facebook grew a lot.

As for this case, it seems like the supposed bug only appears on the iPhone versions of the Uber app. However, the company states that it was fixed back in December and that now, the app does not have these problems anymore. Le Figaro, the famous French newspaper, wanted to make sure that the claims of the Frenchman were true. They managed to recreate the bug, finding that the tokens were to blame for the glitch. Android users are reportedly not affected by this bug.

Still, neither the attorney nor his client specified why they are asking for such a large sum of money. The cost of the divorce process cannot be this big. Maybe the emotional damage? Uber did not offer any details about the lawsuit and chose to remain completely silent. Maybe we will find out in the following weeks what really happened there and if the Frenchman cheated or not.

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