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Destiny 2 Coming This Year After All

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According to some information from an anonymous person on Reddit, the much-anticipated sequel of the very popular game Destiny will run on an entirely new engine. It will come out on PC as well as on the current generation of gaming consoles. Bungie’s next installment is supposed to come out this year, according to earlier reports. However, fans have begun worrying because of the lack of updates from the company. On Thursday, Activision put those worries to rest with new information which they revealed in their earnings call. Destiny 2 will still be released this year.

A much-anticipated sequel

According to what Activision has said, the much-anticipated sequel to Destiny will look to enlarge the game’s reach, to attract more people and it will be followed by extra content. Activision may have said this, but rumor has it that the team behind the game might want a few more months to work on the game. However, there is a catch here. According to a well-informed source, if Bungie does not manage to release the sequel this year, Activision will receive a big part of the studio’s stock. So, things are quite complicated.

Fans from all over the world were very worried because of the lack of updates regarding the sequel. Still, there is something to consider here. With the first game, Bungie started the reveal too soon. Then, they ended up adding content, and plot points and characters and the game too much longer to make. This time, they might want to avoid doing that. So, they are keeping quiet and trying to make the best game possible and to not disappoint the fans.

Untrue leaked news

That same anonymous user on Reddit also said that the sequel of the game would be called Destiny: Forge of Hope. He said that the game would be released somewhere in November. However, the marketing director and writer from Bungie, Eric Osborne, took to Twitter to announce that this apparent leaked title is completely false.

Still, the leaker had some rather interesting information to share, which might end up making its way into the final game. At least a part of it. According to him, the events of the sequel will take place after “The Taken King”. The Guardians will need to take on the Cabal who are going to launch an assault on the city. The players will supposedly find out more about the story of Mara Sov, The Queen of the Reef.

As for the characters, the ones from the first game will be left behind. This is because of the new engine which the game will run on. The sequel will also have a far more intricate character creation, so players will not miss the old ones. Now, Osborne only denied that the name of the sequel would be “Forge of Hope”. He did not mention anything about all the other story details. This does not mean that they are true. However, some bits of it might be close. We will see when the game will finally see the light of day.

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