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Valve to Make Three Full Virtual Reality Games and No Half-Life 3

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Valve, the developer behind massive video game hits like Portal, Half-Life and Team Fortress announced that they are working on not one, but three completely virtual reality based video games. The founder and CEO of the company, Gabe Newell, reportedly confirmed the news. He also said that those three projects are not demos or prototypes for the virtual reality technology, but full video games. He talked about the company’s plans during a meeting with the media at the Washington headquarters of Valve.

Not demos or prototypes

Naturally, Newell received questions about Valve’s “The Lab” which is a prototype HTC Vive experience. He said that what they are working on is something completely different. He also revealed that the games are going to be built on their Source 2 engine and Unity. According to him, Valve has been experimenting with virtual reality for quite some time, but they never dared to dream that such an ambitious project would take shape. Newell said that the team managed to get the very popular Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress to run in virtual reality. This was a complete novelty. However, they were not happy because the virtual reality technology can do much more than this.

So, they started thinking about making their own games off a virtual reality base. According to him, virtual reality will go to waste if people will keep transferring existing content to run on virtual reality. The solution for development is to build much bigger and more ambitious projects and games. People need to understand that progress means taking risks. As for other projects, Newell said on Reddit in January that the company is currently on other single-player games too. Fans got excited when he said that those new games might take place in the same universe as Half-Life and Portal.

The mystery of Half-Life 3

As for the long-awaited Half-Life 3, the Valve CEO has some very bad news. According to him, after that cliffhanger end of Half-Life 2: Episode 2, gamers started wondering whether or not a sequel would ever happen. Years and years passed and Valve did not say a single thing. Many people thought that the company wanted to surprise the audience and just release the game unexpectedly. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

According to Valve, Half-Life 3 might never happen. The game reportedly “starved” from the lack of attention. Over the years, rumors began circulating that smaller teams were working on what could have potentially been the next Half-Life. That was not true at all. Valve is saying that they never made any promises regarding Half-Life. People are just making all those plans in their heads. The closest thing to another game which they talked about was a third episode. That never happened either.

All in all, it seems like we might never get another Half-Life video game. The people at Vale are reportedly working on multiple other projects that are very successful and require more attention than a sequel to a years-old video game. So, those are sad news indeed but maybe it is all for the better. We may never know.

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