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Apple to Launch Special $1,000 Anniversary iPhone

Apple iPhone 8 prototype

According to a well-informed source, Apple plans to launch a very special 10th anniversary iPhone edition. The only catch? It might cost well over $1,000. This latest piece of information comes right after other rumors which were claiming that Apple might reveal the iPhone earlier. Another one stated the company might release another, so-called iPhone X.

True or not?

Considering the supposed developments that the new device will bring, the rumor is most likely true. Keep in mind that the 256 GB of the iPhone 7 Plus already costs $969 in the United States. So, the price tag of the next device will surely be well over $1,000. First things first. What novelty will it bring? The most expensive new feature will be the OLED display, which is twice as expensive as an LCD screen. All the previous versions of the iPhone came with LCD displays.

Apart from this, buyers should consider the new phone’s enlarged memory and possible wireless charging technology. Many rumors are saying that Apple is planning a groundbreaking experience with their new iPhone. Especially now that Samsung seems to be getting back to normal, the company will look to improve their devices much more. Improvement needs better components. Better components are more expensive, thus the higher price of the new iPhone.

Why iPhone X?

As for the name of the device, people keep wondering why not iPhone 8 and iPhone X? It may all be related to the fact that this will be Apple’s 10th anniversary, so they want to mark it with the Roman numeral for ten. However, if they will name the new device iPhone X and then come back to the iPhone 8, people might think that the 8 is a lower quality phone compared to Samsung Galaxy 9, which will be on the market at that time. Think about what Samsung did with their Galaxy Note phones. They named the successor of the Note 5 directly Note 7, so that people would not get the impression that it is a weaker device.

The design mystery

The same well-informed source appears to be confirming the rumors we already knew about the phone’s design. The new device will most likely look like a “smooth black monolith”. According to some rumors, the phone will look more like a single piece of glass, with no visual interruptions. Even the fingerprint sensor will be under the glass, for the user to just touch it. However, this technology with the Home button removal is still not completely ready. Still, the team at Apple wants to get it done by the time the new device hits the stores. A new rumor is that according to which the volume, power and mute buttons could also be eliminated. This sounds very interesting, but probably the new device will still have them. Apple could use still this technology on their future phones though.

Other reports are saying that the new device might come sooner than everyone expects. There is no evidence for this for now. So, if things go as planned, the new iPhone should be revealed somewhere in the fall of 2017.

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