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Twitter Continues to Fight Online Harassment

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Twitter has been known to slightly change the social media platform every few months in order to fight against cyber bullying, online harassment and Internet trolls altogether. The company has a bad reputation of being the place where such trolls gather, terrorists claim responsibility for their attacks and Donald Trump says everything that goes through his head. However, experts are saying that these changes have not helped with improving that situation. Still, the battle goes on and it looks like Twitter does not want to give up yet.

Measures against online harassment

Twitter’s VP of Engineering announced in a blog post on Tuesday that the company is going to take some new measures against this situation. It wants to implement a way to hide tweets which are deemed abusive. Moreover, the company will introduce a new system of prevention against the abusers who might want to come back to Twitter with a new nickname. Apart from those, Twitter claims that it will introduce such measures quicker from now on.

One of the most difficult situations to take care of is the inevitable case in which banned users come back to a social media website under a new name. This happens frequently and to every website. So, Twitter’s new system will try to retain some data belonging to the banned users so that when they try to come back, the app will know that they are the same people. This data might include the IP addresses and the devices which are used for logging into an account.

A hard battle to fight

As for the search results, Twitter is making changes to that area too. The app will from now on remove some tweets which may contain “potentially sensitive content”. Moreover, the users which you blocked or muted will no longer appear in the search results. The app’s algorithm for finding abusive or low-quality tweets will also be slightly altered. Those messages will not appear frequently or will not be visible at all unless you search for them. This way, the app will protect its users from those tweets.

However, many experts are saying that Twitter did not change much even with these new changes. It is still the number one playground for trolls and bullies. This only proves how difficult is to solve this issue and how present it has become on the Internet. Meanwhile, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey himself tweeted about his company’s efforts to stop online harassment and their new approach in regards with this matter.

Twitter’s accentuated efforts to stop online harassment began last year when the company made it easier for users to mute or block other users. Also, it allowed them to report offensive content and even up to five abusive tweets at the same time. This was a visible progress. Moreover, the company created the Trust & Safety Council which is composed of outside people. Their job is to provide feedback for Twitter’s new improvements.

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