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Former Grand Theft Auto Producer Discusses New Project “Everywhere”

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Former Rockstar North president Leslies Benzies left the studio last year. At first, it all seemed to indicate a friendly departure. However, Benzies soon filed suit for $150 million in unpaid royalties. Since then, he kept a low profile. Until today, when he made the announcement that he is working on a new title called for now “Everywhere”. The new game will use Amazon’s Lumberyard engine. He worked for a decade and a half at Rockstar North and was the mind behind one of the most successful video game series ever made: Grand Theft Auto.

Working title: “Everywhere”

In the official announcement, Benzies said that he is very proud to have been a part of gaming history, but also that he is very excited for what is to come. The vision for this new video game is grand and they reportedly expect it to grow a lot more, even forever. According to him, “Everywhere” is envisioned as a platform for players to have fun themselves while also entertaining others. He characterized it as some kind of blend between reality and the simulated world.

We do not get a lot of information from what the former Grand Theft Auto producer said. However, many people have opinionated that “Everywhere” might be some kind of multiplayer game, even a massive one. And most importantly, it will certainly be an online one. It is interesting to note that this Lumberyard engine allows developers to implement features and gameplay which are not available anywhere else at the moment. At least, this is what Benzies said in the statement.

Something that has never been done before

Those who are interested in this new project can check out the official website. It is pretty empty right now, but this will probably be the place where new information will appear. As for the game itself, which Benzies calls more of an experience than a video-game, it will be very different from Grand Theft Auto. It will actually be something that has never been done before. The style and tone is going to be reportedly very different, something unique. The game will have tons of characters and story. Moreover, players will be able to make their own personalities and, subsequently, their own stories.

The influence for “Everywhere” is reportedly the real, outside world which surrounds us all. Benzies’ studio does not have an official name yet. However, joining him on this journey are other two former Rockstar employees: Colin Entwistle and Matthew Smith. Those three names are the ones behind almost every success coming from Rockstar in the past years: Grand Theft Auto 3, 4 and 5 plus GTA Online. Apart from those, they also worked on Manhunt, Max Payne 3, Red Dead Redemption, and LA Noire. Those were all very well received games and huge successes. We will see what this new mysterious project is all about when more details are going to come out. Until then, fans will be eagerly expecting it, like they did with so many of Benzies’ titles.

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